A Complete Guide to Get the Best Travel Insurance in 2019

If you plan to travel across the world, see to it that you already get travel insurance. When people go on a trip, expect that they have travel insurance.

So, what are the reasons why travel insurance is necessary when traveling?

Travel insurance provides medical coverage in the case that you get injured or sick. Also, you can obtain a reimbursement when your favorite camera breaks, you lost your bag, some of your stuff is stolen, or your flight was canceled.

Travel insurance is considered to be the all-purpose coverage during an emergency while you are on a trip. Never leave your home without it because many people have already regretted having no travel insurance.

Furthermore, if you have travel insurance, you do not have to worry about losing money. You can use the insurance to protect yourself from unknown since some of the health insurance does not cover overseas journey while the credit cards have limited protection.

Things to Consider in Getting the Best Travel Insurance Plan

Travel Insurance

With so many companies claiming that their travel insurance is the best, it might be difficult for you to choose.


One of the best ways to ensure that you are putting your trust in the right travel insurance plan, you need to be provided with up to $100,000 medical care coverage. Having a high coverage limits means that you can be confident when you get injured or sick and you require for serious attention from a professional healthcare facility.


In the case that you an on hiking and you get injured, the policy needs to cover the evacuation to the hospital. Also, emergency care should be separate from medical coverage.

Good travel insurance should have the following provisions:

  • Cover most of the countries
  • Cover sudden illnesses and injury
  • Cover electronics
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Cover damaged, stolen, or lost possessions
  • Offer financial protection
  • Cover cancellations, including hotel reservations or flight in the case of emergency

What Are the Best Travel Insurance Companies?

In any country, you can find different travel insurance companies. But, make sure that you are working with a reputable and dependable one.

World Nomads

In just a matter of minutes, you can renew your insurance policy through online processing. They have responsive and friendly staff. Also, they offer plenty of coverage at a very fair price.

Clements Worldwide

This insurance company is known to be the best in electronics coverage. They provide up to five million in coverage. Also, they have affordable deductibles.


They offer high medical evacuation coverage as well as annual plans. If you use their plan, you can experience limited time to be spent in some foreign medical facilities.

STA Travel

They offer cost-effective plans and basic coverage choices. Their services are ideal for backpackers and students on a budget.

What are you waiting on? Buy travel insurance before processing your flight itinerary for a visa. This ensures that you are protected all the time.

Barcelona Bike Tour: Enjoy Adventurous Ride at the Best Cities in the World

Barcelona is commonly known as the major global city of Spain as of its role in diverse money-making fields like arts, entertainments, sports as well as international trade factors. Barcelona has developed itself as one of the main ports of Spain and Europe. Barcelona city in total has a population of about 1,615,908 according to 2008 statistics.

Barcelona city

In geographical terms, the location of this city is on the Mediterranean Coast, and precisely it’s located between two rivers named as Besos and Llobregat. If describing it more, then it’s basically located on the north portion of the peninsula.

Barcelona city is renowned for its grounds and art, museums as well as architectures. The Barcelona International Airport is the 2nd largest in Spain after the one in Madrid. So, you will never run out of amazing scenes when you spent your holiday here.

Barcelona Bike Tour to Make the Best Out of Barcelona

There is no better way to see and witness the beauty of this city through the Barcelona bike tour. The tour lasts for about 3 to 4 hours. There are different companies in the city that provide guided tours and hence, it’s perfectly safe to ride in this beautiful city.

The Barcelona bike tours are enjoyable. There will be regular stoppages for drinks at canal-side cafes and beachside pubs. The streets are calmer, though not deserted, and the wind is cool making cycling easier. The multilingual guide keeps giving your instructions of the diverse places of interest which fall your way, talking as well as taking you in the Barcelona tradition.

These rides interest new guests the most, though there are those who never miss an opportunity for the bike tour every time they visit the place. The cost for leasing the bike for half a day is a maximum of € 24.

Smart City Barcelona

Barcelona is rich in parks as in total has 68 parks that are well established as well as well-maintained for the locals and guests as well, out of these 68, around ten are history based parks that have even museums built inside them. The government of this city has divided these sixty-eight parks into categories, therefore out of these sixty-eight some are just woods, and some are entirely associated with the subject of botany. Out of all these parks, the largest is “Montjuic.” You can witness these amazing parks through bike tour.

Barcelona is synonymous to a fiesta. There are pubs open such as pub crawl Barcelona even during daytime. Barcelona is a trendy cheap foreign holiday spot is flocked by guests during seasons.


The next time you are planning a holiday in Barcelona, don’t miss the chance to experience Barcelona bike tour. This is one of the most adventurous things to do in this beautiful city. You will experience a different thrill, and this will be more memorable if you do it with your loved one.

Enjoy the Barcelona bike tour with gourmet food along the beachside restaurant, a night bike tour, and happening nightclubs.

Why Going To Costa Rica For Rehab? Costa Rica Treatment Center

costa rica

Making the decision to go and get help for a drinking or drug problem is the smartest decision possible for ones future, health, sanity and basically your whole life. If you have taken this decision you are to be commended!

But what is the best way to “get help”? It’s a huge decision closely related to high chances of success in gaining long-term sobriety.

Most people committing to recovery are of the opinion that choosing an out-of-town rehab/ treatment center is the best option that can help make the recovery process that much more effective and productive.

Why Costa Rica Treatment Center suits your needs?

Though there are many similarities, personal circumstances of each addict or alcohol differs from anyone else’s. Those differences need to be addressed for successful recovery.

For example, detox and rehab from certain substances, like benzodiazepines and alcohol require medical supervision and monitoring for safety that is not offered in many places. Having medical staff around that is able to prescribe medication that can help with withdrawal and cravings.

Get help as soon as possible

According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, there are almost 23 million Americans who need some sort of alcohol or drug treatment. That brings us to a number of 44,000 people who die every year from drug overdoses.

Facing those numbers actually only 11% of American citizens who need drug or alcohol treatment get it.

Waiting lists can be months long and many facilities can be so expensive that it renders them unaffordable for almost anybody.

When someone has decided to get treatment and deal with their addiction it is critical to get them into a program as fast as possible before their addiction asserts itself to not be able to resist any longer.


Showing greater commitment to recovery and sobriety

Insisting that a treatment facility has to be local is a dangerous way of hedging your bets. At a local hometown drug treatment center, it will always be in the back of your mind that you could simply walk out the door, call an uber and within just a few minutes be right back with your old buddies and customs.

Dwelling on that possibility just long enough and combining it with having a “bad day”, you might just fall victim, with that destroying your goals of recovery.

Having the same situation in Costa Rica will make you pause, to say the least. This pause might very well save your life!

Reducing distractions

After a few days you might start to feel homesick, and naturally, your loved ones will be missing you. At your “hometown- rehab” it’s to be expected that friends and family visit you, and they will want to, as often as possible. These visits are wonderful, welcoming and thoughtful.

But drug rehab is not about visits, especially early in recovery. It is, you guessed it, about YOU and only YOU!

YOU getting YOURSELF clean and sober, to understand why you drink and use, receiving the tools YOU need to create YOUR own path to safeguard YOUR hard-won sobriety.

Regular visits actually can help to derail your progress and risk your recovery. There will be time in the future to reintegrate with family and friends.

Having more privacy

If you are from a small town people most likely already know more about you than you would like. Going to a local facility can have the fact that word might get out if you want it or not. You might even meet people you know, which can be awkward, given the setting.

Being out of town maintains some semblance of anonymity without the need to worry that your boss, friends, family, church or other people find out.

You can concentrate on learning the tools that will be useful for the rest of your life.

It gives you time to prepare, reflect and decompress

Entering the stage of recovery is an immensely positive step. During the travel time to the facility you can prepare yourself for all challenges to come.

You can look back as to what brought you where you are right now in life and move past all negative things that occurred.

You can look forward, create hopes and dreams for the future and the sort of life you want to live when achieving your goal of sobriety.

After successful completion of your drug/alcohol rehab program, traveling back home, you can prepare yourself to reenter society. Most likely you’ll be anxious dealing with daily life without the crutch of substance abuse. Being equipped now with all types of tools and having yourself applied during the treatment can calm your nerves to succeed long-term in your recovery.

This travel time can be invaluable, allowing you an easier transition from inpatient client at a rehab center to a functional and productive member of society. Simple because of this time the transition will be far less jarring than it would be if you had checked out in your neighborhood rehab and had no time for readjustment.

Looking at it in any way, deciding to take and accept help in the form of attendance at an inpatient rehabilitation facility is a wonderful thing. It will be an overall improvement over a life of drinking and drugging. However making the choice to go to a facility outside of your hometown, or even better, outside of your country will maximize your chances of a successful, long-term life of sobriety.

Top 5 Destinations In the United States

A trip to the USA is a dream for European travelers. The variety of landscapes and places is huge so the first step to plan your trip is to collect some information and then decide where to go. The American Dream  can be found in so many places: the nature, mountains, beaches and deserts, skiing areas and redwood forests as well as exciting cities with restaurants, museums, theatres and lifestyle. But what visitors expect most are the big open skies.

Top place No. 1: New York

New York is definitely famous for its many artists and galleries. There are fantastic restaurants and it is without question the capital of shopping. Nearly every new trend is set in New York. New York City is full of life, energy and a real American experience. One of the most famous sights is the Statue of Liberty which can be visited every day of the year. The Times Square is the most crowded street in New York; do not miss this place.
If you like clubbing and nightlife New York is a perfect place to be. You can find whatever you like.
There a no better restaurants in the world than in New York. It is full of special restaurants and bars where you can enjoy whiskey, seafood, chocolates, steaks and much more. There are also huge restaurants with more than 20,000 seats – incredible. When you want to see real New York, go and see Brooklyn. It is cultural and historical. Neighborhoods are diverse and there are pubs and restaurants around.

Top place No. 2: The Grand Canyon and the South Rim

The Grand Canyon is America´s most famous canyon and known for its legendary canyon views. There are official overlooks, old buildings, trails for walking and museums. The Grand Canyon National Park is well developed and open all-year. The wildlife is great and the canyon itself is of a special beauty. There are fantastic camping sites and lodges. The best thing is it is not too hard to escape the crowds.

Top place No. 3: New Orleans

New Orleans is a city famous for great and rich food and Jazz and Blues Music. It is a place which is mainly populated by African-Americans, it is colorful and offers great parades. So it is definitely worth a visit. New Orleans´cuisine is Caribbean, African and European so you might find alligator sausage and best American cheesecake. The celebration season is the best season for visiting the town. There are Mardi Gras, a carnival and a Jazz Festival with lots of parties and entertainment as long as you can think. The town is full of traditions and community spirit. And New Orleans is also known as a grown city with interesting facades mainly made of wood and paint which cannot be compared to any other American town.

Top place No. 4: Santa Fe

Santa Fe is the capital of New Mexico. It is a place from the past and you can feel the border to Mexico, which is not far away. There are old buildings made of adobe, a busy plaza and Indian style restaurants. It is a very earthy style. There are many souvenir shops where you can buy Indian style souvenirs like dream-catchers. It is rather a small place but there are very good museums and galleries so you might need more than one day to visit it. Visitors, who love outdoor activities, will find a fantastic base for hiking, mountain biking, Backpack trips and skiing. The local cuisine offers great Tex-Mex food so take your time for your lunch break.

Top Place No. 5: Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is the best American theme park with a very long tradition. In real, it is more complex than a world. When you go there, you really need a good plan not to get lost. It is an area of 40 square miles. Within Disney World, there are four theme parks called Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and the Animal Kingdom. There are 20 hotels run by Disney world where visitors can spend the night without leaving the area. There are fantastic rollercoaster rides and traces of our beloved Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and rather new Disney characters like Gaston, Elsa and Anna. There are parades, shows, musical productions and exciting stunt shows. So it is great entertainment not only for kids.


Information for International visitors:

International travelers who are willing to visit the USA need to apply for the ESTA permit. This is a program that can be used by travelers from all the 38 countries that are members of the Visa Waiver Program. As a legal visitor you must apply for this authorization.

ESTA is for travelers who want to stay for 90 days or less. The purpose of travelling must be business or pleasure. The application for a new ESTA authorization can be for on individual or a group application for two or more people. What you need is a valid passport from a Visa Waiver Country, a valid credit card to pay for the application, your contact information and your employment information.

ESTA countries are Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, UK and 27 more. Total 38 countries now!

If you are in possession of a visitor´s Visa, you do not need to apply for an ESTA permit.

The Ultimate Vacation – Sansibar Urlaub

We all have different interests and goals when planning to go for vacation. While there are ultimate places to go, which is probably in everyone’s list, the idea of a vacation is simple. It is spending time away from your normal schedule usually with your best company. Be it family or friends; some people choose to be alone. The goal here is to refresh.

There is no standard!

A vacation doesn’t have to be about a place. It can be about the company. Some people choose to stay with grandparents for weeks. Others opt to spend time with less fortunate people in society; helping the sick or orphans. To this group of people, extending a hand to put a smile in someone’s face is fulfilling. Sharing the joy and happiness in society means a lot to these people hence the decision to spend a vacation in such manner.

Also, a vacation can be about going out with your best company or catching up with old friends. It can be a good time to meet with the neighbors that moved overseas or high school mates and share old jokes. In this case, it is not about the place but the people around you that make the vacation worth it.

To some, summer vacation, which is the most popular time for people to travel is about clearing a bucket list. The awesome places in the world, to such it is an accomplishment hence fulfilling.

Where should I go?

There are good places all over the world, good in this case is dependent with your interests in life. If you like nature, beaches or a safari in Africa will be a great choice. If you are an adventurer and wish to explore a foreign land, your choices are unlimited. It is simply where you have never been. Every place on earth has unique features that make it special. It might not be a popular place on the internet with reviews because no one took the initiative to explore the beauty, be the first!


I know you don’t want to spend on a vacation and be disappointed and that is why you will research extensively on the internet for reviews. You are free to search for Sansibar Urlaub and expand your options. However, adventure has an aspect of risk. Also, there is fulfillment in meeting what you did not expect. Actually, this is the definition of an adventure or exploring; it is about finding out.

Taking a break and going for vacation is crucial in the 21st century because it is characterized by busy schedules, you might never have time to live life because you are busy paying bills. Career advancement and investments in life are important but can’t replace the basics of quality life. As you work through the professional ladder and increasing your income, spare time for yourself and go for a vacation.