Why You Should Work Multiple Jobs?

What drives you? What fuels your passion? Do you remember your childhood dream? How are your finances? Is there a sense of fulfillment with your current job?

More often than not, people find multiple jobs when struggling to make ends meet. But another way of looking at it is multiple jobs encourage growth and autonomy. Secondary jobs come in different types. It could be part-time weekend jobs, additional daily employment, or consultancy to name a few. Ultimately, it goes beyond finances, and here are some of the reasons why it’s good for you:

Multiple Jobs

Multiple Streams of Income

Needless to say that more jobs can afford you more security, and financial stability. Even well-earning executives will not refuse additional profits. Quite frankly, this is the most compelling reason why people secure jobs. Nothing seems to be enough. Bills are never-ending, there are hobbies we want to explore, places we want to go to, food we want to try, or passion we want to pursue. Regardless of whether it’s a want or a need, nothing comes for free (it rarely does).

Growth in Diversified Fields of Interests

The ability to offer something more than average performers in the talent pool can give you a higher market value. Those with multiple skills can thrive in a volatile economy. Nowadays, employers take notice of multi-skilled employees as they are highly adaptable and more flexible.

If you feel that you’re unable to find your ideal employment, you should at least consider your second job to enhance the skills needed for your target post. Taking on multiple jobs can offer more opportunities: Expanded network, time for learning new skills, pursuing a passion or hobby, broadening your experience, and many more. Your second job gives you more room to experience other fields or industries.

Self Discovery

Juggling multiple tasks may not be easy. But those who have done it swears by how it enabled them to discover skills and abilities they either didn’t know they have or just plainly neglected for the longest time. Effectively managing at least 2 jobs or careers pushed their boundaries as new goals were driven to build their confidence and mastery for each role. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Find out what makes you happy.


When challenging times loom ahead, it wouldn’t hurt securing yourself a contingency plan. With global brands closing here and there, you wouldn’t know when retrenchment would hit you. Multi-skilled employees or workers enjoy the benefits of more job opportunities when they can master additional skills. This is because second jobs allow experience and skill-building while the other pays the bills.

Important Things to Consider:

Be Organized

Before signing on additional contracts or engaging with another employer, you should prepare yourself physically and mentally. Keep in mind that being more organized will help you last a day without losing your sanity, or getting yourself burned out. Additionally, keeping tabs of important documents, assignments, and projects will make you more efficient. Download apps to help you. Set an alarm, keep separate folders or trays, or better yet keep a journal.

Time Management

One of the dangers of having multiple jobs is exhaustion. It is important to keep within your limits, and know when to say ‘no.’ Failure in this aspect could result in lower productivity, which could lead to even more work issues. It’s good to work hard, but do not forget to spend time with your family, friends, and yourself. Once in a while, pause and step back. Always aim to have that work-life balance.


Working on multiple jobs is not for the faint-hearted. But if dealt with determination and perseverance, it can do you more good than harm. Working on more than one thing keeps you stimulated. Some even find it fun and exciting when they get to learn new things, or see things from a different perspective. In an era where possibilities are endless, there is definitely something good waiting for you out there. Go ahead and explore.

Are part-time workers less productive and underpaid?

Currently there is a boom in the use of part-time jobs, because it allows greater flexibility for companies. Of this important quality, the best part time jobs have been created in the market, in a long time, to face difficult economic conditions The importance today is even greater timeshare jobs has increased impressively. The flexibility that allows companies to adjust to changing markets has driven their use.

We are going to do some aspects between part-time jobs and permanent jobs to see what conclusion we can reach

The question that arises is a very interesting matter, and to answer it, two important issues of part-time employment must be carefully analyzed. Remuneration and Productivity.

The Remuneration of a part-time job

The companies’ interest in the part-time workforce is based on adjusting the payroll as much as possible, while continuing to meet the needs of the patients who receive the product or service.

part-time job

The issue of remuneration is closely linked to why private companies personalized part-time. The main reasons why a company requires part-time staff on specific dates as follows:

Seasonal phenomenon

The Companies decided to use the Part-Time Jobs modality with the intention of having a temporary workforce. Originally they were closely associated with seasonal situations, where companies did not have to hire permanent staff all year round, and a few months were required in the year.

Customer service hours

They also associate with companies that have contact with customers for a few hours a day. Therefore, having a full-time staff would mean more hours than would actually be needed.

Labor costs

Companies find it cheaper to hire part-time workers than full-time workers. Comparatively, the cost per hour is lower in part-time workers, because companies do not incur a large amount of expenses that are a legal part of social security (insurance, benefits, annual premiums, etc.) for full-time employees. .

This was the reason that prompted the use of part-time workers since the financial crisis of 2007. At that time, the best part-time jobs were generated.

Conceptually, they are easily removable workers that allow companies greater flexibility. Therefore they are not as important as permanent employees, who are supposed to be an integral part of companies.Under this condition, part-time jobs normally correspond to those in the lowest strata of the organizational structure. Therefore, the remuneration of a part-time worker is influenced by low-paid positions and additionally they are lower than that of fixed-level positions due to the issue of obligations with job security.

Productivity of part-time workers. The issue of productivity is associated with the design of the job, training and the development of the worker in the job Training comparison

Due to the training issue, the permanent worker has the advantage, since he is the one selected par excellence to develop in companies and therefore should have better training. He should be more prepared to carry out an activity than the part-time worker.

Comparison in development: We could mention two relevant points on this topic, such as: Attitude in the workplace

This is a very subjective matter and making a general assessment is not very accurate.The permanent worker should have a greater identification with the company and have a better disposition for the job. But those of part-time workers, knowing that they are more replaceable, try to provide the best service to continue hiring them.

Assistance to the job Also in this aspect there is no conclusive data, because both workers, fixed as temporary, attend their positions, depending on the attitude of the person who occupies the positions

Conclusion: The issue of remuneration, indeed, are the lowest paid, as they belong to the lower strata, therefore it would not be advisable to mention them as “poorly paid”, but rather they receive less salary.On the subject of productivity, there is nothing conclusive on this topic, because it corresponds more to a topic of selection and motivation of personnel.Therefore, the only thing we could conclude is that they are the ones with the lowest remuneration, but neither poorly paid nor unproductive.It is important to understand that we are in times of many changes, and the incorporation of the figure of freelancers plays a fundamental role in the development of companies in the coming years. The jobs that have attention to the public will surely remain with some variation. However, any service that can be contracted via the Internet that allows companies to manage their operations, will surely migrate. The importance of jobs under this modality will surely increase.


The Ultimate Guide to Santa Barbara in a Weekend

Lots of busy people forget that you can do a lot of quality traveling over a weekend. Of course, long road trips and overseas expeditions can be incredible, but a weekend getaway can sometimes be just as meaningful. 

For an amazing weekend vacation in Santa Barbara, we’ve put together a flexible itinerary including where to stay, things to do, and where to eat, even if you’ve only got from Friday night through sunset on Sunday.

Santa Barbara

Friday Night

Check into Your Hotel

There are so many gorgeous places to stay in Santa Barbara. From luxury resorts like San Ysidro Ranch and Four Seasons’ The Biltmore to quaint bed and breakfasts like The Simpson House, there are options for every personality and budget in Santa Barbara. 

Perhaps you’d rather book an Airbnb or try some “glamping” at El Capitan. Really, there’s no wrong way to stay in Santa Barbara.

Hit the Town

Santa Barbara has an incredible nightlife. It is a college town after all, so there are countless bars and wineries that can show you a good time. Head to The Red Piano and dance the night away or taste a flight of local wine at Municipal Winemakers

Saturday in Santa Barbara

Quick Breakfast

To start your first full day in Santa Barbara, grab a quick bite to eat before commencing on your jam-packed weekend. Enjoy an incredible latte and some avocado toast at Handlebar Coffee Roasters or simply indulge in breakfast at your hotel.

Hike Inspiration Point

Before the weather warms up too much, strap on your boots and hit the trail. Hiking is something you just have to do in California and Inspiration Point is one of those iconic peaks that’s not to be missed.

From start to finish, the hike is only three and a half miles round trip. So you’ll be able to enjoy the view, get some exercise, and breathe some fresh air while still having plenty of time for the rest of your day.

Hit the Beach

After the hike, you’re probably in the mood to relax. Santa Barbara has some of the most beautiful beaches in California. They’re perfect for rinsing off, cooling down, and basking in the sun. 

The best beaches in Santa Barbara include:

  • Ledbetter Beach
  • Hendry’s Beach
  • Butterfly Beach
  • East and West Beaches

Best Places to Get Lunch

By this point, you’ll be ready for lunch. No matter where you go, you’re likely to find some delicious grub. Try Lily’s Taqueria for cheap tacos or Brophy Brothers for classic fish and chips on the water.

Goat Tree, Savoy, State & Fig, and Mony’s Mexican Food are some other fantastic choices for lunch in Santa Barbara.

Explore the Funk Zone

Yes, the Funk Zone is a real place. In fact, it’s the trendiest neighborhood in all of Santa Barbara and it should definitely be on your list of things to do while visiting. 

Spend the afternoon biking through the area where you’ll stumble upon art studios and galleries, bohemian boutiques, and the hippest cafes and restaurants around. 

The Funk Zone is also considered Santa Barbara’s urban wine trail with everything from tasting rooms, wine bars, and breweries. It’s definitely a great place to get lost in the area.

Sunday in Santa Barbara

Check out a Farmer’s Market

There’s nothing quite like a slow Sunday morning stroll. Check out of your hotel, drop your bags off with a luggage storage service in Los Angeles, and start your day at the farmers market.

With fresh produce at every turn, food vendors serving coffee and artisanal snacks, and craftsman offering handmade jewelry and art, there’s lots to see at the markets. It’s a wonderful and relaxing way to begin your final day in Santa Barbara.


After walking through the market, it’s time for brunch. Make a reservation and stay awhile. Some of the hottest brunch spots in Santa Barbara include:

From bottomless mimosas to spiked milkshakes, a nice, long brunch in Santa Barbara gives Los Angeles a run for its money.

Shop State Street

Nestled in downtown Santa Barbara you’ll find State Street. Spend the early afternoon wandering through its cobblestone streets while window shopping and doing your best not to max out the credit card.

State Street has both well-known stores and indie boutiques. It’s the perfect way to walk off your brunch while you grab some souvenirs and gifts. 

El Presidio Historic Park and Mission Santa Barbara

You’ll notice white stucco walls and red tile rooves all throughout Santa Barbara. The region has deep ties with the Spanish and you can see it in this architecture. It’s even been called the Spanish Riveria of America.

Dive deeper into Santa Barbara’s Spanish roots by visiting El Presidio Historic Park. Built way back in 1782, El Presidio is the last-standing Spanish military site on the California coast. It’s such an interesting place that they’ve turned it into a museum for visitors to brush up on their history.

Then, explore Mission Santa Barbara, founded in 1786. You’ll see artwork and architecture that will only add to your appreciation for the city. They’re both spots you definitely won’t want to miss on your weekend in Santa Barbara. 

Dinner the Santa Barbara Way

Your weekend trip to Santa Barbara is drawing to a close, so make the most of it with dinner at a local spot.

For top-rated Mexican food, better go to Los Agaves. For steak, check out Lucky’s. Great seafood can be found at The Lark and The Nook serves up all your BBQ favorites. Take it back in time with Santa Barbara’s Spanish roots and enjoy tapas at Loquita. Or, if you’re vegetarian, Olivers will be a treat.

Is there anything better than ending a trip with some amazing food? We think not.






A Social Learning Perspective of Gambling Behavior among College Students

Learning about gambling behavior among college students offers an opportunity to learn more about them. The proportion of undergraduate students who gamble is on the rise as well as their level of involvement in the gambling industry. This post provides a social learning perspective of gambling behavior among college students and how it is shaped. Understanding why students gamble allows one to understand more about their gambling behavior. The following need to be considered when discussing gambling behavior among college students.

gambling behavior among college students

  1. Frequency

With online gambling options easily available these days, the frequency of gambling behavior has skyrocketed. Before students even enter college, they tend to be already addicted to gambling. Hence, it is common for some college students to be heavy gamblers by the time they first enter college.

Moreover, the stress that comes with studying at a college also increases the student’s frequency to gamble. Many students view gambling as a way to blow off steam. However, this creates a cycle where students find themselves being heavily addicted to gambling and it simply becomes impossible for them to slow down or quit.

  1. Scope

Media shows a glamorous depiction of gambling. It has created an environment where students view gambling as their ticket to a life of happiness. However, what media misses is that most gamblers have serious mental issues and by the time they even win the lottery, they have put a lot on the line. The scope of gambling behavior has increased significantly in recent times. Social media stars show college students an easy and fun lifestyle where gambling is the shortcut to success. Hence, many students consider quitting college for a chance to win it big.

Some students seek student loans and end up wasting the money on their gambling addiction. The scope of gambling has become all-expanding. With the rise of the gambler lifestyle, many students aspire to become a high-profile gambler in the future. Gambling for entertainment has become the norm. Students on average gamble three times a month according to various studies.

  1. Expenditure

Gambling behavior can be easily measured by comparing the expenditure of students towards gambling. More and more college students are spending their savings on lottery tickets, betting, poker, and slot machines to boost their chances of winning a ton of money.

Some college students spend as much as 20 percent of their monthly expenditure on gambling, whereas, some even spend twice that amount. This is alarming for colleges. Although the employment status of students plays a huge role in their gambling behavior, both employed and unemployed college students spend a staggering amount of money on gambling.

What Colleges and Parents Can Do?

This post provides an insight into the gambling behavior of college students. Colleges and parents need to do a lot more to understand students’ gambling behavior. Policies need to be adopted to help students deal with gambling addiction. There should be an open policy where students should feel safe to get the help they need.

Sources for this article:




The Best Office Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Cleaning the workspace regularly by company employees is not common in Australia. Business owners do not feel that the office should be cleaned in the same way as their residence. Besides, it can be cumbersome to do so and instead, a commercial cleaning company is hired. If you have not hired a professional commercial office cleaning company in the past, then,  chances are that you are not aware of the severity of the situation. Hence, it is in your best interests to consider hiring an office cleaning company. However, if you want the office employees to play their part in cleaning the office, the following office cleaning tips and tricks will prove useful.

Office Cleaning

  1. Assign a Shelf for Cleaning Items

One of the best tips that will ensure that cleaning is done on time is by assigning a shelf for the cleaning items. When it comes to office cleaning, it is crucial that a shelf is designated for all of the cleaning equipment including the microfiber rags, rubbing alcohol, cleaning solutions, mops, and dusters.

  1. Involved Everyone To Clean Their Workstation

The best way to keep the office in a tip-top condition is by ensuring that everyone is involved in cleaning their workstation. If everyone meticulously cleans his or her workstation regularly, it will help keep the office neat and clean. Moreover, equipment on the desk such as the stationery items, keyboard, phone, and the monitor should be dusted every other day to clean the cubicles.

  1. Clean Dust From Lighting Fixtures

It is common for electrical equipment and lights to gather dust. Hence, it is important that they are wiped often. But, the employees should be cautious when cleaning the dusting from lighting fixtures. These days, there are many cleaning supplies that make it a lot easier to clean dust from the lights and lighting fixtures.

  1. Focus on Floor Cleaning Daily

The first thing that people notice when they step into an office is the floor. This is why it is crucial that the floor is cleaned daily. Tile and linoleum floors look their best when mopped and vacuumed daily. Older floors on the other hand can be stripped and maxed based on regular intervals to retain their top condition.

  1. Regularly Clean the Refreshment Area

The refreshment area is one of the areas which gets dirty quickly. Thus, it has to be regularly cleaned. The coffee and tea area easily attracts flies and different types of bugs when the trash has not been emptied. Moreover, the counter should also be wiped down.

  1. Ensure That Employees Regularly Clear Their Wastebasket

Since every employee has his or her own wastebasket, it is vital that they clear it regularly. When employees leave from work every day, they should make sure that they emptied the wastebasket.


A clean workspace is crucial for a healthy workspace. The above tips will help ensure that the employees play their part when it comes to keeping the office neat and clean.