Don’t Waste Those Cardboard Boxes – Turn Them Into Usable Storage Units


Everybody today is so conscious about reusing and recycling boxes, paper and plastic. It is possibly the best thing that a responsible citizen could think of doing. In fact, it should be a voluntary effort that everyone undertakes to contribute to the greening of the planet. So, let’s think of doing something quite innovative with those cardboard boxes – can we turn them into operational storage units? Of course, we can – if we know how to go about the whole process.

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Storing Cardboard Boxes

This is the first step that one takes while reusing cardboard boxes. Let us imagine that you have access to a whole lot of boxes from a friend who has discarded them. It is possible that your friend is a trader and hence gets a lot of these boxes as packing material. The first thing to do before you think of making a storage unit is to ensure that all the boxes are first flattened out, cleaned and kept away. When you have decided to make the unit to store your stuff, you can take the boxes out and fit them together in the best possible way.

Keeping The Storage Unit Clean

Since the storage units that you have put together are not very sturdy – remember they are made of cardboard – you need to ensure that they are always clean and free of moisture. Another problem that you are likely to face with such units is a mildew attack. You might find that the stuff that you have stored in these units get spoilt because the unit has become weak or mouldy. Please be careful when you use cardboard. Since you are trying to recycle a box, you could ensure that the same unit is not used for a great length of time; instead, keep changing the boxes that you use to make your storage unit. 

Stacking Of Units

This is sometimes an art – you need to stack your boxes so perfectly that nobody realizes that your storage units are just recycled material. In case you are not able to stack these boxes one upon another, you could think of using a metal or plastic frame. This is again a very inexpensive option that you could think of either at home or in the office. Also remember that if you are using boxes, the bathroom and kitchen might not be ideal places to house them.

I hope your storage unit becomes the envy of your friends and relatives. You are not only helping yourself and your family; you are helping the environment too. This is because you are using recycled material to its fullest possible advantage. Once you have finished assembling all these boxes, you could also think of painting your storage units or covering them up with some plasticky paper. This would give it a nice finish and make your living space very warm and welcoming.

Things To Consider When Locating A Self-Storage Units


The most critical decision to make before locating a self-storage unit is to know the factors to consider when selecting a storage unit.

The following are things to consider before locating a self-storage unit.

Consider the environment in that place

Always look the environment of the place you want to locate your storage unit such as storage units Greenville to ensure that is favorable and friendly. Choose a place that has a warm climate or a place that is interior in order to ensure your items are secure and protected from all elements of risk. Ensure that place there is no any chance of any potential fire hazard in order to be guaranteed your items won`t be destroyed by fire.

Self Storage

Consider the location

Considering the location, you will be able to choose a storage unit of your choice taking in consideration whether you want to be close to your storage facility or far away from your storage facility. When you want to be close to your facility you will be required to look on the proximity of your unit. Being close to your storage unit will give an advantage of being convenient to your personal belongings.

 Size of the location

In case you want to rent, consider the size of the potential storage unit and the duration time that you will be given. This will give you a chance of choosing a storage unit that you can be able to manage. Mostly, the size of a storage unit or a storage units Greenville will determine the period of time you will be given to rent a storage facility. Consider your personal belongings of your items you want to store beforehand in order to determine the amount of space you will require to store them.

When checking on the amount of size, look and research on the rates and option that the potential self-storage facility offers in order to find good deals that give you a convenient chance to pay for the facility that is affordable to you.

Consider if the place offers insurance

Some self-storage unit do offer insurance to those people who want to rent the facility or to tenants. This insurance will grant you with the opportunity to invest more if you are not paying for any insurance in the home. Always make sure if the storage units’ facility has insurance you are covered and in case of any insurance you may be having such as in-home ensure you are always covered by your company.


Choosing a favorite place that has good factors of locating a storage facility will make you increase the overall margin profit. This will also enable you to purchase products or items that are of low value and of high quality. Choosing a place that is close to your home will make you manage your home in a good lifestyle thus making both the working place and home smart.