Top 5 Destinations In the United States

A trip to the USA is a dream for European travelers. The variety of landscapes and places is huge so the first step to plan your trip is to collect some information and then decide where to go. The American Dream  can be found in so many places: the nature, mountains, beaches and deserts, skiing areas and redwood forests as well as exciting cities with restaurants, museums, theatres and lifestyle. But what visitors expect most are the big open skies.

Top place No. 1: New York

New York is definitely famous for its many artists and galleries. There are fantastic restaurants and it is without question the capital of shopping. Nearly every new trend is set in New York. New York City is full of life, energy and a real American experience. One of the most famous sights is the Statue of Liberty which can be visited every day of the year. The Times Square is the most crowded street in New York; do not miss this place.
If you like clubbing and nightlife New York is a perfect place to be. You can find whatever you like.
There a no better restaurants in the world than in New York. It is full of special restaurants and bars where you can enjoy whiskey, seafood, chocolates, steaks and much more. There are also huge restaurants with more than 20,000 seats – incredible. When you want to see real New York, go and see Brooklyn. It is cultural and historical. Neighborhoods are diverse and there are pubs and restaurants around.

Top place No. 2: The Grand Canyon and the South Rim

The Grand Canyon is America´s most famous canyon and known for its legendary canyon views. There are official overlooks, old buildings, trails for walking and museums. The Grand Canyon National Park is well developed and open all-year. The wildlife is great and the canyon itself is of a special beauty. There are fantastic camping sites and lodges. The best thing is it is not too hard to escape the crowds.

Top place No. 3: New Orleans

New Orleans is a city famous for great and rich food and Jazz and Blues Music. It is a place which is mainly populated by African-Americans, it is colorful and offers great parades. So it is definitely worth a visit. New Orleans´cuisine is Caribbean, African and European so you might find alligator sausage and best American cheesecake. The celebration season is the best season for visiting the town. There are Mardi Gras, a carnival and a Jazz Festival with lots of parties and entertainment as long as you can think. The town is full of traditions and community spirit. And New Orleans is also known as a grown city with interesting facades mainly made of wood and paint which cannot be compared to any other American town.

Top place No. 4: Santa Fe

Santa Fe is the capital of New Mexico. It is a place from the past and you can feel the border to Mexico, which is not far away. There are old buildings made of adobe, a busy plaza and Indian style restaurants. It is a very earthy style. There are many souvenir shops where you can buy Indian style souvenirs like dream-catchers. It is rather a small place but there are very good museums and galleries so you might need more than one day to visit it. Visitors, who love outdoor activities, will find a fantastic base for hiking, mountain biking, Backpack trips and skiing. The local cuisine offers great Tex-Mex food so take your time for your lunch break.

Top Place No. 5: Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is the best American theme park with a very long tradition. In real, it is more complex than a world. When you go there, you really need a good plan not to get lost. It is an area of 40 square miles. Within Disney World, there are four theme parks called Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and the Animal Kingdom. There are 20 hotels run by Disney world where visitors can spend the night without leaving the area. There are fantastic rollercoaster rides and traces of our beloved Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and rather new Disney characters like Gaston, Elsa and Anna. There are parades, shows, musical productions and exciting stunt shows. So it is great entertainment not only for kids.


Information for International visitors:

International travelers who are willing to visit the USA need to apply for the ESTA permit. This is a program that can be used by travelers from all the 38 countries that are members of the Visa Waiver Program. As a legal visitor you must apply for this authorization.

ESTA is for travelers who want to stay for 90 days or less. The purpose of travelling must be business or pleasure. The application for a new ESTA authorization can be for on individual or a group application for two or more people. What you need is a valid passport from a Visa Waiver Country, a valid credit card to pay for the application, your contact information and your employment information.

ESTA countries are Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, UK and 27 more. Total 38 countries now!

If you are in possession of a visitor´s Visa, you do not need to apply for an ESTA permit.

The Ultimate Vacation – Sansibar Urlaub

We all have different interests and goals when planning to go for vacation. While there are ultimate places to go, which is probably in everyone’s list, the idea of a vacation is simple. It is spending time away from your normal schedule usually with your best company. Be it family or friends; some people choose to be alone. The goal here is to refresh.

There is no standard!

A vacation doesn’t have to be about a place. It can be about the company. Some people choose to stay with grandparents for weeks. Others opt to spend time with less fortunate people in society; helping the sick or orphans. To this group of people, extending a hand to put a smile in someone’s face is fulfilling. Sharing the joy and happiness in society means a lot to these people hence the decision to spend a vacation in such manner.

Also, a vacation can be about going out with your best company or catching up with old friends. It can be a good time to meet with the neighbors that moved overseas or high school mates and share old jokes. In this case, it is not about the place but the people around you that make the vacation worth it.

To some, summer vacation, which is the most popular time for people to travel is about clearing a bucket list. The awesome places in the world, to such it is an accomplishment hence fulfilling.

Where should I go?

There are good places all over the world, good in this case is dependent with your interests in life. If you like nature, beaches or a safari in Africa will be a great choice. If you are an adventurer and wish to explore a foreign land, your choices are unlimited. It is simply where you have never been. Every place on earth has unique features that make it special. It might not be a popular place on the internet with reviews because no one took the initiative to explore the beauty, be the first!


I know you don’t want to spend on a vacation and be disappointed and that is why you will research extensively on the internet for reviews. You are free to search for Sansibar Urlaub and expand your options. However, adventure has an aspect of risk. Also, there is fulfillment in meeting what you did not expect. Actually, this is the definition of an adventure or exploring; it is about finding out.

Taking a break and going for vacation is crucial in the 21st century because it is characterized by busy schedules, you might never have time to live life because you are busy paying bills. Career advancement and investments in life are important but can’t replace the basics of quality life. As you work through the professional ladder and increasing your income, spare time for yourself and go for a vacation.

Enjoyable Travel Time Using the Scratch Off Map

Are you ready to have the best travel adventure of your life?  You can make it more exciting using the Scratch-off Map. It can give you a cool and colorful way to document your travels. Feel free to go hiking or wandering on the world’s beautiful sites. Let the map be your excellent guide as you travel the other parts of the world.

It ensures you don’t lose track of your travel adventures. For adventure seekers, you now have an exciting time to discover world territories you haven’t visited before. The map is a perfect guide due to the accurate detail it gives to each continent. You would be glad to use this as part of your travels.

Best Quality

You’re not holding a normal map but a treasure that comes from the best materials. The Scratch off Map offers durability and style. For sure, any traveler would be excited to use this due to the high quality it has. The map has a thick card and a scratch-off foil. You would be lucky to have it.

The map offers you the chance to target the beautiful places you want to see. The map takes you to a different and exciting adventure as you ride boats or swim the ocean towards your destination. For sure, you’re going to enjoy your travels.

It all begins by looking at this map!

Finest Details

Get your compass ready as you take a cruise on a ship. You can see the detail on the map is accurate and you would love to scratch it. The surrounding provinces and cities of countries are precise, so you know the places you’re going. Since the correct details are there, you have a sure way to treasure each moment.

The Scratch off Map gives you a sure way not only to mark the places you traveled. It also gives you the chance to explore other places in the world. It’s one of your best partners as you document your travels. You would have a great time when your travels are over.

You look at the map and scratch the destination you visited. You would smile after you scratch the foil.

Plan Your Next Travel Adventure

Do you want to travel around the world? Let the Scratch-off Map be your guide as you plan your next travel adventure. There are lots of exciting places to see, and you would love it. The map gives you full detail of the places you want to visit.

The complete visuals would be your sweet guide in making your travel adventure perfect. You not only know the place you would visit. You also have a great way of remembering your adventures. As you use the Scratch-off Map, you have the excellent travel time of your life.

So, are you excited to bring your binoculars and see the rest of the world?  You can have that and more if you have this map. You have a guarantee your adventure would be fun and terrific. Come and pick the best destinations you like to travel on the map.

Top Class: 5 Luxury Train Trips You Should Take

We all have hobbies or things that we love to do in our free time. Among all these activities, there are some hobbies that are common for most of the people. Travelling is one such common hobby which most of us love to do in our free time. In the busy lifestyle that we spend, traveling will be a great escape and it is one of the best ways to get rid from stressed conditions. When it comes to traveling, there are so many different categories of traveling available and train trips are the best and most loving way to travel. Railways always run in between beautiful sceneries and therefore train trips allow you to capture the most amazing views in the world. Following are some of the best luxury train trips that you should not miss.

  1. Golden Eagle: Moscow to Vladivostok

This is probably the most expensive train trip available in the whole world because it costs about 16000 dollars per person to encounter this travel. Geared up with the most luxurious interiors, Golden Eagle features TVs, en-suite bathrooms, full heat in the winter, an English speaking doctor and many other facilities. This is considered as one of the best luxury trains available in the world and in the travel from Moscow to Vladivostok, you will pass Lake Baikal, Mongolia’s capital and many more important places.


  1. Venice Simplon-Orient Express: London to Venice

We would say that this is the best way to explore Europe although it costs a little bit. But that is what we called luxury, right? So without a doubt, this is the most romantic train trip that you ever going to witness since it passes romantic legends like London, Paris, Verona and Venice. This is a one-night journey to Venice and if you are wondering to impress your love or surprise your love in a luxurious way, then you cannot find a better way than this. This travel costs about 3500 dollars per person, but with the facilities and the luxurious amenities that you are going to experience in the Venice Simplon-Orient Express, that is a fair price.


  1. The Rocky Mountaineer: Banff to Vancouver

The Rocky Mountaineers is one of the best luxury trains available in North America and it is one of those few five-star train trips available in that region too. Although there are many routes which this train travels, Banff to Vancouver is the best and most preferred route for many people. Summer season is the most crowded period of the year, but if you want to make it more like a romantic getaway, then mid-October will be the best with the reddish leaves and fresh snow everywhere. This will cost around 1500 dollars per person.


  1. The Ghan: Adelaide to Darwin

This is one of the best luxurious train trips that you can have in Australia. The three-night trip runs along about 3000 kilometers and you will be able to encounter five star amenities with best menus and services. The Ghan runs across Australia allowing you to encounter most of the unique scenes such as sunrise in Marla when going north and a nightcap under the Milky Way in Manguri when going south. This will cost around 2700 dollars per person.


  1. Seven Stars: Kyushu, Japan

Seven Stars is the most luxurious train service available in Japan which either runs a two-day trip around Fukuoka or a four-day trip in Southern Japan Island. This train comes with seven carriages which can hold 30 people in 14 luxurious suites and you can encounter the best Japanese craftsmanship inside this train with the luxurious and amazing interior used in it. This will cost around 2300 dollars per person.