4 Reasons Why Always Radio Is Preferred Over Media Players

Live radio players have lasted a decade more than any other means of listening to music, from its peak regime days of the 80s and 90s, where radio players were seen in every other movie or show either on the car or separate radio players, radio was shown as the cool back then. To today’s era, when such advanced and new devices like Alexa, and apps like Spotify have been introduced, radio still tops the chart in America in terms of the most common way to discover new music, according to Nielsen, a data analytics company announced in their annual music 360 report, which has been just released. The Radio All Dimensions Audience Research has also stated that since 1970, the percentage of people aging 12 and more listening, every week, to broadcast radio has remained steady. Which shows that radio is still alive, while the government seems to be saying that the radio days are long dead, dead and dusted.

Live radio

It may be the case that terrestrial radio days have certainly died. And so are car radio times, as people don’t seem to be blasting music on radio players in their cars because of built-in tapes in vehicles and mobile apps which are directly connected to the tape and stored music is at your service at all times. While the Internet has changed the course of living, it sure has left the radio days behind, but not entirely. In place of it, live streaming of radio over the internet has gained popularity amongst the millennials, as the internet is the most easily accessible commodity to them. One way or the other, radio has lived through the decades to present times.

Reasons Why Radio Is Still Better Than Media Players

Even with the new media players or now even more advanced music downloading apps like Spotify, Apple music, and tons of others. Radio has been able to live to all these times because of the reason. Which Larry Miller, director of the music business programme at New York University, likes to describe as “with such wide choice of music on hand at all times has led to the tyranny of choice for some people, as some academics and analysts like to call it.” Which means with all the music available at all times, people still don’t know how and where to discover new music from, like back in radio days, which will help them if not the radio? What’s the latest good music, head back to the radio and discover yourself.

Internet, however being easily accessible to the entire globe, some parts of the world still does not have such easy and free access to the Internet. It is these parts of the world which have still kept the radio days alive, like China, Egypt, Iran, India, Pakistan and Africa, and many others. The Internet is not as free to some parts of the world like these as to the others, which means not as easy access to apps like Spotify Apple Music for the middle to lower class of these countries, which has favored the prolonged period of live radio players. As in these parts of the world, live radio is still listened to daily widely, by the people who cannot afford the internet.

Radio still has preference over the new and advanced media players because of the cost of using it. People who cannot afford to enjoy the facility of free internet or free music sites still prefers radio as a free means of entertainment like always, which it still is.

Some people still prefer radio players over media players because radio players are not only confined to music. They reach a wide range of entertainment departments like talk shows and sport or news updates. While music players only offer music entertainment to its users.

People have been listening to radio shows and following them from the start of time, while a lot of other media player apps have changed the course of music playing, people still prefer to follow their podcasts and talk shows they have been following from a long time, which glues them to radio players as well.

Simple Guideline to Choose A Music Intro for Your School Presentation

The same way with any project, you might find it hard to know where you are going to start. And if you are working on your upcoming school presentation, including intro music is a significant advantage.

Did you know that intro music can help you set the mood for your presentation? Through this kind of strategy, you will be able to engage your listeners from the very beginning of your presentation while keeping the segments separate. If you obtain unique intro music, you can make your activity more successful and one-of-a-kind.

The intro music is designed and created to be played at the beginning of your presentation, and as your voice starts to fade in, the music begins to fade out. Your chosen intro music is essential in solidifying the distinct mood and sound which will introduce what you are going to present to your audience.

If you want to add some twist and attract the attention of your audience, you can use intro music. So, what are the practical ways need to learn to choose the ideal music piece for your presentation?

Music Intro for Your School Presentation


At the very start of your presentation, you need to exert an effort to play with the interest of your audience. If you can get the attention of your audience as you play the intro music, there is a big chance that they will participate in what you are presenting or pay attention throughout the activity. Meaning, the podcast intro music can set the standard whether you listeners will develop an interest to your presentation or they will pretend that they are listening.

Now that you know the importance of intro music to a presentation, the next thing for you to do is to find the perfect clips to use. If songs from radio are what you are thinking as an option, you have to be aware copyright protects them. Meaning, you cannot use the majority of your favorite pop music, not even a few seconds of the clip.

In ensuring that you will be free from the copyright of the song, it is better for you to do a research first or use podcast intro music coming from a reputable source.


Instead of music with copyright, you can opt for clips that are good to use with attribution. This simply means that you can take advantage of the sample intro music by giving the creator credit for the work.

Furthermore, you can go for music is that is free of attribution can help you use the podcast intro music even without mentioning its creator. Different music websites offer a vast variety of intro music. So, all you have to do is choose the particular music that is suitable for what you will be presenting.


If you think you have a unique taste for intro music, you can consider hiring someone that can offer you custom music. This, way you can be sure that you will have a unique and original song. However, if you cannot find that someone, a few websites are offering custom podcast intro music coming from musicians.

Getting the attention of listeners while you are presenting your topic can be challenging. But, with the help of Podcast intro music, all ears will be on you. So, there is no way for you not to present your topic effectively, the unique intro music is what you need.

An Analysis on the Current Status and Developing Trends of Web Contents Creation in China

The Mobile Web Era is a era with the “contents” be the “King”. If you don’t have concrete content, why would the users/visitors come to your web platform? Without contents, how could you cultivate your desired user habits? The convenience of the Mobile Internet has gradually become a basic feature, and a new round of content war has just started.

From the portal website to the network to the mass media era, gradually from the content of the acquisition of content to content producers. After the emergence of short video social software such as DouYin, Kuaishou and MicroVsion (some Chinese social video platforms), the enthusiasm of the masses for the production of media content is unprecedented. When users participate in the production of content in large quantities and the multi-media symbiosis comes, the platform becomes more accurate in the drawing of users’ portraits and the era of intelligent media starts at the same time. In the foreseeable future, content output and access barriers will be completely disappeared, and mass media and think media will reach the same goal.

Developing Trends

In the future, content and IP will play an increasingly important role, and traffic will be a 50-50 ratio. Since last year, the battle for content and IP has been waged by some of the biggest names in the Internet industry.

  1. status quo of content development in the mobile Internet industry
  1. The demographic dividend of mobile Internet is gradually reduced, and it is more difficult for independent APP to obtain users. Therefore, the construction of ecological traffic is imperative

Since the industry recognized that mobile Internet entered the second half and demographic dividend disappeared, more and more enterprises in the industry shifted their focus from incremental users and incremental traffic to operation of existing users and existing traffic. At the same time, the Internet group has also gradually integrated the ecological traffic of its APP, mobile web page, H5 and other mobile terminals. It also hopes to occupy more scenes by providing more traffic portals to gain users’ attention and traffic. Ecological flow may become the key to break the situation, similar to the structure of the spider web, in social, video, information, reading, browser and other scenarios to reach the user, the whole network traffic management has gradually become a consensus.

  1. Content platform takes the lead in entering the whole network traffic management era

In the context of mobile Internet, content platform is particularly prominent in the construction of ecological flow:

Represented by information, video and digital content has a natural viscous and share transmitted for many times, in different platform integration module is also easier content is what you see is what you get, the premium content can win customer more time, also increases the chances of advertising more exposure, even if the content are spread outside of the APP (translation) also can still bring advertising value; Inbound traffic will also bring users backflow, rely on high-quality content spread outside the station, and at a lower cost to obtain the user’s natural growth, this also is helpful for prompt content translation type APP pay more attention to the quality of the content, a good user experience from the current mobile platform for Internet content classification, mainly includes the comprehensive information, vertical information, digital reading, mobile video, etc. For the content platform, it is good to guide users to download their own APP and deposit it. If not, it can also cater to users’ habit of consuming content on different platforms, especially the super entrance, and conduct commercial operation on its own ecological flow.

1) the overall user growth of digital reading APP industry slows down, and the ecological flow is built into the industry consensus

E-reading is naturally characterized by fragmentation. The forms of pictures and texts are conducive to communication and sharing (language translated), and can adapt to a variety of scenarios such as browser and social interaction. As the overall user growth of digital reading APP industry slows down, the construction of ecological flow becomes more important for various digital reading platforms.

2) the user growth of mobile video APP industry is slow, while that of short video APP industry is fast

The user growth of the whole mobile video APP industry tends to slow down, but the lightweight content represented by short video has the attributes of social interaction and sharing, which conforms to the current fragmentation trend of user content consumption. Expanding more ecological traffic entrance may become a new growth point of mobile video APP industry.

Mobile video APP industry monthly active user scale and growth trend

3) comprehensive information APP industry develops rapidly and becomes an important traffic entrance of mobile Internet

Comprehensive information APP industry over recent years, with the rapid development of user growth began to slow, the growing competition in the industry, both comprehensive information independent APP development in full swing, and there was a phone Baidu, UC in the form of super APP traffic investment – such as user segment cut into the market, also hopes to its super flow of cash again. Major translation companies like the ACE CHINESE TRANSLATION also joined force to help provide more relevant translated contents to Chinese cyber space. The main reasons are as follows. First, the information flow caters to the rigid demand of mobile Internet users. With its huge user scale, high stickiness and precise algorithm recommendation gene, it becomes an important traffic entrance of mobile Internet. Second, it can also achieve the situation of three-win for advertisers, media and users, and become one of the most suitable forms for mobile advertising, and the commercial realization is more in line with the trend.

4) the user growth of the automobile information APP industry is slow, and the ecological flow scenario covers or becomes the core competitiveness of the next stage

As the growth of mobile users stagnates and the demographic dividend is exhausted, it has a great impact on the automobile information industry. The competition in the automobile information industry will be intensified by various companies grabbing existing users and digging out the value of existing users. Faced with such a situation, the full mobile domain platform, ecological flow scenario coverage, will be the next stage of the core competitiveness.

Monthly active user scale and growth trend of auto information APP industry

Content platforms represented by digital reading, mobile video and comprehensive information have made many attempts in ecological flow, among which there are some typical products relying on ecological flow to achieve rapid growth, such as Miaopai, QQ reading and Daqo. These ecological traffic development models will also bring enlightenment to other industry segments, relying on the sharing and dissemination of lightweight content to occupy as many user scenarios as possible. The future competition lies not only in maintaining the stability and growth of independent apps (language translated), but also in creating more diverse traffic portals and turning traffic into greater commercial value.

Things To Know Before Opting For Chiropractic Website Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the process by which a product is sold, or services are rendered by various business organizations. The advertisement of the product or the services is done either through offline or online mode which involves the use of electronic equipment.

For instance, before you go for chiropractic websites and design, you need to understand the overall digital marketing strategy.

There are many cool chiropractic website main facilities which increase the sale of the product by using the essential digital marketing strategy. The various categories of online marketing are as follows:


Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization which is popularly known as SEO is a common way of advertising the product online through search engine results.

It is a method which affects the visibility of a site or a webpage in the search engine result.

Effective search engine optimization helps a website to rank higher on search engine platforms by using the desired keywords that are present in the content.

For chiropractic search engine optimization, one must make sure the relevant keywords are used in the content which must include – chiropractor (city), chiropractor in (city), and best chiropractor in (city) and best chiropractor (city).

These are the few examples of the keywords that can be used for optimizing a chiropractic website. There are three strategies to optimize your search engine results.

White Hat StrategiesThis strategy offers unique titles of the page and relevant reference links. The grammar and spelling of the content also affect the optimizing strategy.

Black Hat Strategies– Unlike white hat SEO strategy, this practice leads the user to irrelevant and duplicate content. Most of the links are often dead links. The content has invisible texts and stuffed keywords.

Grey Hat StrategyThese tactics make use of Google. The materials published out from Google can make the practice of other techniques ill-defined. These tactics are not chosen by many people.


Social Media Marketing of Chiropractic Website

This process is used for the marketing of products or services by using the platform of social media. Social networking websites create a friendly atmosphere between businesses and build communities.

Social networking websites have got options like posting, commenting and sharing which allows the product to get promoted to a larger target audience. Thus it increases traffic for a website in the long run.


Email Marketing

It a process of marketing the products by sending emails to customers. The email should consist of real information about the product which creates a clear image of the product in the buyers’ mind.

Information such as a description of the product, the cost of the product and the discounted price (if any) for the customers shall be mentioned in the email.


Search Engine Marketing

It the method of gaining visibility in the search engine result list. This includes both paid and unpaid search results. Google AdWords is the most convenient paid search domain as several search marketers effectively use it.


Affiliate Marketing

This is a performance-based marketing strategy. Here, the affiliate brings visitors or customers to the website by using its marketing tactics and the organization rewards the affiliate for each customer.


Content Marketing

This is a process by which the website advertises its product to the customers. The advertisement is done through content which includes product description, blog posts, web page information, and other corporate information.


Pay Per Click

This method is also known as PPC. This is a strong business model in the world of digital marketing. In this process, when the user clicks on the advertisement, a sum of money is paid to the host website by the company.

Other digital marketing strategies are:

Electronic Billboards– It is an effective offline method of digital marketing which increases the awareness of a product. This method can be used to advertise the product and services offered by the organization to cure a disease.

Digital Product Sampling– It is a process of giving away the sample of the product to a small number of customers for free. These samples can be given through offline or online mode. The primary objective is to get the feedback of the product from the user.

Digital Product Demonstration– This process includes the demonstration of the product on a digital platform and showing the customers how they can be benefited by using the particular product. One can show how chiropractors can cure the diseases. These kinds of demonstrations are used by the top chiropractic websites.

Phone Marketing– This kind of marketing strategies includes the marketing of a product or services by making use of smartphones. It is a simple and cost-effective way of advertising your product.

This comprises two processes, cold calling, and texting. Cold calling is a process of calling an unknown person and informing them about your products and services.

It, therefore, increases the awareness of the product in the real world. While on the other hand texting plays an important role where one has to advertise the product through SMS or MMS within 160 characters or less.

One can also opt for other electronic devices like Television or Radio for digital marketing.

Radio Marketing– Show sponsoring is a compelling idea if the show is popular, which will result in more customers. Radio commercials can also be used for advertisement of product at the beginning, middle or end of the show.

TV marketing– Television commercials are watched by millions of people every day in between shows. One can only add the web links of the product in the advertisement.

Teleshopping– It is a process by which products are ordered through television advertisement either by calling at the number provided for quick service or by clicking the website of the product.

Discounts, Gift Hampers, and Coupons- These kinds of offers are given to attract a customer who wants to buy the product at a lower price. This method creates a token of appreciation and gratitude in the mind of the customers.

These are some digital marketing strategies which one can use to create an online medical website and increase its popularity among masses.

Best Audio Converter Tool 2019

Compatibility and storage issues are the top reasons that lead to audio conversion. You might need to save storage on your PC because of various video formats and the spaces they occupy. Also, your music player may not support all audio file formats. Sometimes it is about the quality; some audio formats may not be wholly compatible with your music player hence compromising on quality of your audios. In such a case, you should find out the most appropriate audio format and convert all your favorite files to the format.

Rapid advancements in technology have an impact on media storage. You have to keep on moving with the trends lest you lose your files. For instance, cassettes are no longer applicable in the 21st century. Even if you have them, your music player won’t support the format. You need a conversion media. Audio converters help to deal with issues of quality, size, and compatibility among other elements of an audio file.

However, you should also be specific with an audio converter. Not every audio converter supports specific file formats. Some have basic features while others are advanced and offer you more flexibility and ease of use after the conversion process.  Obviously, you also need an efficient audio converter and simple to operate.

Here is a suggestion on top audio converters on basis of speed, compatibility and flexibility.


The audio converter handles all kind of audio formats. You have a wide choice with regards to quality and resulting format depending on the type of music player you intend to use. The converter supports WMA, M4A, MP3, FLAC, AAC among other renowned formats for high quality music.

The media converter supports all of your formatting needs from embedding, all editing needs, and CD burning. Whether you need to convert them as whole or in batches, you still have control over your quality needs.

The software is available for free. All you need is to download and begin your conversions.

Audio Converter Tool

 The best converter

Total Audio Converter is the best you can ever come across in media conversion. It offers all the flexibility and speeds you need in audio conversion. The interface is simple hence easy to use; all you need is to upload specific files to the site and select a preferred format. It offers you multiple output formats and quality, depending on your music player. Some music players do not support high quality formats but still some people find them reliable.

The audio converter offers you more than 50 formats. It is universally relevant; irrespective of your audio needs and preferences, this media converter will give you the required details. If you need to convert in batches, this is still a great option. Audio files can be merged and converted at once in less than a minute.

Total Audio Converter is user friendly and available for free. It also supports multiple formats.