Tips for buying second hand stuff online

Currently, you can buy almost any second hand thing online, you can get shoes, clothes, cars and furniture among others. Buying staff online has never been an easy thing to do, especially when you are buying second hand things. There are certain things that will keep you worrying because all you can see is a photo of the item, you don’t know about the quality or if it is a genuine price.  To successfully buy second hand online, you will need to have some tips that will guide you to get the best out of what you are searching in terms of price and quality. Here are the tips you should have;

buying second hand stuff online

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  1. Respond quickly

Online is a platform where very many people are looking out for second hand valuable products so certainly you are not the only person who wants what you are seeing, if you are satisfied that the product you want is genuine and it is still on the market, it is better that you go ahead with the buying. If you are not yet sure, you can make an offer to the seller to keep them from selling the product because if you delay for even an hour, you may find the product already gone.

  1. Always ask if the item you are seeing is still there for sale

It is not automatic that every item you see on the platform is still valid for sale, the listing might not have been updated but the product is already sold, you may waste your time sourcing for cash only to finally realize you cannot get the product. The very first thing you should do is to ask if the product is still on sale to save yourself the trouble. You should be very keen on this because people who disguise to be sellers will put on the platform such items and use them to con you asking you to send the money privately and it will be shipped to you for free.

  1. Always ask for a lower price

Some of the sellers who have put their products on this platform give very unrealistic prices just because second hand things don’t have a fixed price; it is just an estimated price from the original price. For this reason you are at a free will to ask for a lower price just to make sure that you are not being overcharged. If you reach for a negotiated price, you can go ahead and buy the product with a lot of satisfaction.

  1. Determine the shipping method and pickup details before buying

This is very important because you can buy a thing only to realize it cannot be shipped to your country or you cannot access the pickup stations. You should get clear about this before going ahead with buying. Try to inquire about the delivery and how it can reach you, sometimes you might be buying a bigger thing like furniture, you should ask if it can be delivered to your door or not, you should know this to get prepared just in case you have to go for it from your pick up station. These dentils will always determine if you can take the deal or not.

  1. Inquire about the quality

When buying second hand stuff, you can never be sure about the value unless you have a good description, the value of the product will determine the price of the product, and this will range to any price from the original price. Confirming the quality of the product involves asking for photos of the product and a detailed description including how long the product has been used before, with this, you will determine the value of the stuff and know whether it is suitable for you or not.

To sum up on this, it is important that you do a good check about the value of the product before you go for actual buying. Another thing is that your speed will save you, you should be quick but very keen at the same time, this will help you get the product the first person but with the required quality.

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Finding an Experienced Law Tutor in London

Whether you want to get admission into a law school, pass your law exams or you want to become a lawyer, one of the best ways to achieve this is by working closely with a law tutor. One thing you must learn early on in life as a potential lawyer is that success doesn’t come by chance. If you want to succeed, it is important that you do what it takes to succeed. 

Come to think of it, law is one of the hardest subjects in school. Every year, the few law schools in the UK rejects hundreds of thousands of applications. Besides, many law students later drop out of school. According to a new study, about 6.6% of law students drop out of law school annually. No doubt, the competition is very stiff and studying law can be very overwhelming. If you are a law student, you must have realized by now that depending only on what you are thought in class would make it harder for you to reach your goals.

Law Tutor

You certainly need a law tutor – a good one. A good law tutor will make it easy for you to get admitted to law school or to pass your law exams. Passing your law exams will accelerate your dream of becoming a lawyer. Without a doubt, lawyers are in great demand in the UK. As a lawyer, you will be one of the highest-paid professionals. Besides, it is very easy to get a job in this field. This amongst others is one of the reasons why you should work with a tutor to achieve your dream of becoming a lawyer.

What You Should Look For in a Law Tutor

In the United Kingdom, you can become a tutor even without having a teaching degree or a Bachelor’s degree in Education. This is why there are a lot of bad tutors out there. When you are searching for a law tutor, it is important you concentrate on tutors who performed well in school and have practiced law. A tutor with academic brilliance and professional success is the best person to help you reach your goals. 

Tips To Find the Best Law Tutor in London

  • Ask a Reputable Law Firm

Don’t just search for “law tutors” on Google. Ask a known reputable law firm in London if they can recommend a good private law tutor for you. Some law firms have lawyers who double as a lawyer and as a tutor. This way, you can get a great tutor who knows exactly what he is doing. 

  • Ask Your Law Professor

Your law professor can help you recommend a really great law tutor. Don’t be afraid to ask. Professors know that students need extra help and that they cannot always provide all the help students need in class. Your professor will be happy to recommend a tutor for you.

  • Ask Your Law Student Friends and Acquittances

Do you know anyone studying law? You could ask him for a recommendation. If you don’t know anyone studying law, you can visit a law school in London and nicely ask random law students for a recommendation. This could be a little hard. However, it is one of the best ways to get what you want if you are looking for the best law tutor in London.

Cheap single entry visas for the US tourists in Vietnam – what you need to know?

The hike of the Vietnam visa costs for US citizens had sparked up a lot of rages. It has forced the Vietnamese government to restore the cheap rates of Vietnam visa for US citizens within a short period of time. This makes it an ideal nation for the ones in search of a cheap escape destination from their busy schedule – be it students, backpackers or any other resident in the US. The restoration of the cheap services has brought in a lot of praises among the visitors. And it not limited to the single entry options only. Rather it offers cheap service options for visas for 3 months, 6 months and 1 year as well.

visit vietnam

Types of visa options for US citizens planning to visit Vietnam

Vietnam allows multiple types of visa options for the citizens of the United States of America. It includes both single and multiple entry options as mentioned below.

  1. Single entry visa for one month – it allows the visitors from the US to enter Vietnam only once and is allowed to stay up to a period of one month.
  2. Multiple entry visa for one month – visitors from the US are allowed multiple entries to the nation with the period of one month
  3. Single entry visa for three months – allowing the visitors one-time entry to Vietnam and allowed to stay in the nation for 3 months at the max
  4. Multiple entry visa for three months – US citizens can enter and leave Vietnam multiple times during the period of 3 months
  5. Multiple entry visa for six months – permits the US citizens multiple entries to Vietnam and allows a maximum stay of 3 months during each entry or till the visa lasts
  6. Multiple entry visas for one year – it is same as the multiple entry visa for six months except that the US citizens are allowed multiple entries and exit to Vietnam for a period of one month. Similar to the previous options, a maximum stay of three months is allowed during each entry


The charges for processing the visa of US citizens are very cheap. These cheap rates make Vietnam an ideal option among the students, travelers, and businessmen from the US. The rates mentioned below include the fees for processing the visa as well as stamping the same. That means the visitors will not be required to pay any extra charges when they arrive in Vietnam.

  1. $80 for a single entry visa for a tenure of one month
  2. $135 for multiple entry visa for one month period
  3. $110 for single entry visas for three months
  4. $160 for multiple entry visas valid for three months
  5. $180 for multiple entry visas functional for six months
  6. $220 for visas permitting multiple entries to Vietnam lasting for a year. The San Francisco Consulate office is known to charge $215 for the same process thought the reasons for the reduced charges are not known.

If you are planning to get your visa upon arrival in Vietnam, then it is necessary for you to know that the stamping charges can vary anywhere within the range of $25 to $135 depending upon the type and tenure of the visa.

Documents required

Similar to any other procedural visa application, the US citizens need to present the following documents to avail a tourist visa for a Vietnam tour:

  • Application form for the tourist visa in Vietnam
  • A couple of 2 X 2-inch passport size photos although a single one may be sufficient
  • Money order or a cashier’s check payable and the Vietnam embassy as the fees of processing the visa. A combined money order/check can serve the purpose for multiple applicants who are applying together.
  • Pre-paid stamped envelope carrying self-address to be sent to the Vietnam Embassy. This will be used to return the documents of the visitors. Apart from DHL, visitors can choose any of the tracked mail service providers including UPS, FedEx, and USPS.
  • The original passport for the visa stamping process. If you are applying for visa stamp on loose leaf, you may provide a colored copy of the page of the passport. The validity of both the options is equal.

Time for processing the visa applications of US citizens

Vietnam visa services are available in multiple speed options depending upon the requirement of the visitors. Those include:

  1. Normal service option and it takes up to a couple of working days to get done with the processing
  2. Urgent service option that provides the visa facilities within one working day
  3. Super Urgent service that allows visa processing within one to four working hours
  4. Services in non-working hours. It includes any time of Saturday, holiday or the regular day after Vietnamese time of 4 pm. The service is not available during night time

Where to apply for a visa?

Vietnam visa for US citizens can be applied in multiple ways. One can apply for it upon arrival in Vietnam or just apply for it beforehand before boarding. The option of e-visas is also applicable. Apart from this, the US citizens are also allowed to apply for their visas at the Vietnam Embassy located in the state of Washington DC. They can also apply for the visa at any one of the other Vietnam Consulate Offices in the nation. San Francisco, New York, and Houston host the consulate offices. You can check out their websites to know more about the process.

IT Fundamentals Certification | CompTIA IT Certifications – What We Need To Know?

This exam is about CompTIA IT fundamentals. Included in this exam are some of the software and hardware relating to the world of computers. Questions that are included here are varied and does not a follow a pattern. There will be technical terms that you will be encountering, and your reasoning skills will be tested if it is on point. Basic questions about the central processing unit of the computer are also found here.

Filled with situational questions that will test your critical thinking skills to the maximum, these are about the proper decision you have to make in selecting the right program for your computer, etc. Definitely, your broad idea in the world of IT and computer would be tested. The exam would mainly feature the usually used operating system in computers and the proper way of setting up network connectivity.


Also, the exam will be assessing your knowledge of the different types of programs or applications. The process of making it work will also be considered. But the focal point is if you know the true purpose behind those software applications. In the world of computers as of now, the need for an IT specialist to know about security is vital. You will also be evaluated if you are educated on the matter of online security.  Your knowledge of the concept of integrity and secrecy will be useful if you have learned them.

Being an IT specialist, your intelligence will also be tested in terms of browsing. How do you properly browse the internet and the finest custom web browsing?

There are also different areas where the test will be paying attention to. Like terminologies that are used in the world of IT. The technical terms and their denotation. Concepts used in IT will also be observed and will be applied to situational questions. These are given to test if you have sufficient grip and knowledge on that certain concept. Not only that, questions about software applications are included, but there are also questions that will test your comprehension of concepts on programming. You will also find some questions regarding the proper installation process of some secondary devices to a personal computer or a laptop.

Not only will the test be focusing on the fundamentals regarding hardware and software but also database fundamental. Your learnings in the area of the database will be put to the test as you are questioned on the areas of database structuring, its purpose, and concepts. Your comprehension and familiarity with the database will be verified. Overall the exam is made to emphasize the skills and comprehension of one person in the area of IT. You can learn all about CompTIA FC0 U51 by going to ITExams. Identify the rudimentary skills of computing and being able to explain them. Also, in the areas of database, software programming, infrastructure, and security. You will be tested if you are viable and essential to be a part of the workforce in the realm of IT. So these kind of tests are essential for you but believe in yourself!

Value of Funeral Plans for Middle-Class People


The funeral is a ritual considered as a highly act when someone leaves this world. It can be your loved one or some random person. Whatever the case may be, the funeral has quite an importance to it. Whenever a person dies, there has to be a ceremony for its burial or cremation which is known as a funeral. Everyone who attends this shows a lot of respect to life and death. There are a lot of traditions that are being followed for the funerals depends on the religion that you follow.

Funeral Plans


A funeral is a place where the sentiments are being shown openly in front of other people. It is also a place where people accept the calamity that has befallen on them, that is the loss that they just bear of losing their loved ones and embrace the pain of that loss. This Is due to the reason for the continuation of life. So a person can move forward and can come to terms with the loss as well. The funeral is where a person expresses its true emotions, thoughts and as well as feelings. So it holds sentimental value as well.

Funeral Plan

The funeral plan does sound like a funeral being planned of yours, or your loved ones. But, this is not the case at all, what you are doing is basically planning for the last respect they deserve when the time comes. You need a plan before that, as it would help you to bear the heavy costs of a funeral in case if you want a funeral that can be quite expensive. Even though it does not need to be through many of the people prefer to hold expensive funerals as well to show their wealth and high status to the guests visiting the funeral of the deceased.

Middle-Class Striving

But, for middle-class people, funeral holds high importance to them. They do respect the tradition and hold this event closer to their heart. And with that, they also understand life and death. But, the problem is that the middle class is that class of people which is always striving. They always strive to keep themselves up from the poor class of people and keep trying to acquire the status of the upper class. This can be quite hectic. This is due to the reason that the middle-class people needs are such needs that can make them fall to the poor class easily on fulfilling their needs, but it can be quite difficult to rise to the upper class while fulfilling their basic needs.

The Value of the Funeral Plan

For the middle class to afford an extra expense can be very difficult especially if they have not planned for it beforehand. And to arrange a funeral is something that you cannot predict so that you can be ready for that. So when the calamity strikes, not only you have to bear the loss of a loved one, you will also be worried about the funeral expense sine you have to meet the expectations of the world which you can ignore and just hold a decent funeral.

But, still, if you have to anyways, then you can plan for it beforehand. You can start saving money for the funerals just in case so that you do not get burden with the expense of the funeral when the time comes. This way you will also be able to afford the funeral. And you will also be able to make yourself satisfied that you are honoring the memory of your deceased loved one.

Final Words

These budget plans will help you a lot and will make your life easy. And you can relax. There are a lot of online websites that can help you with that. One of them is my net research that provides its customers the best budget plans it can with the best possible prices so the customers cannot get burden with the finance as well on this unfortunate occasion that has befallen. To visit my net research, you can visit My Net Research.