What is Cushing Syndrome? | Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Cushing Syndrome is a rare condition that is caused by overproduction of cortisol hormone. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is produced in the adrenal glands. This hormone is very useful especially when you are dealing with stressful conditions. It is produced in bursts in the morning with few in the evening. When the body has too much of this hormone, the excess hormone can throw off other body’s systems. Although most of the instances of Cushing Syndrome can be cured, the symptoms may take a longer time to ease up.

This condition is very common in women than in men and it usually affects people from 25-40 years. Some of the patients develop this condition because the adrenal glands have a tumor that leads to the release of too much cortisol. Several other people develop it because they make too much of ACTH which initiates adrenal glands to produce too much of cortisol.

Causes of Cushing Syndrome

As I had already stated, this condition is caused by too much production of cortisol which is produced in the adrenal glands located in your liver. The most common cause is linked to medications called glucocorticoids which are in other words known as Steroids or prednisone. These medications are prescribed for conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and lupus. Studies show that taking too much of them for too long can cause Cushing Syndrome.

The other common cause is the existence of tumor in your Pituitary gland which is found in the brain. Also if there’s a tumor in the adrenal glands, there’s likelihood of this condition developing. Although this isn’t a condition passed in families, there are some rare cases where it develops because there’s a gene problem in the family.

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The fact is that people with Cushing Syndrome don’t develop the same signs and symptoms. For this reason, you need to analyze them closely because your condition maybe different from another person’s. However, some of the most common symptoms includes;

  • Acne
  • Rounded rosy face
  • Weight gain
  • Thinning skin
  • Tiredness
  • Sleep problems
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Kidney stones
  • Irregular periods in women
  • Extra hair growth on the body and face
  • Osteoporosis

If you notice any of the above symptoms, then it’s time to visit your doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Children with this condition are likely to be obese and grow slowly.


First of all, the doctor will have to carry on some tests to detect the existence of Cushing syndrome and later the cause. If the overproduction of cortisol is caused by the steroids you are taking, then the doctor will see if you can stop taking them. If the condition is caused by a tumor, then the doctor will recommend more tests to determine the location of the tumor and corrective measures taken. A surgery to remove the tumor may be done. The other way is that the doctor can shrink the tumor using medicine or radiation. On your part, eat well because a healthy diet can ease some symptoms of Cushing syndrome.

How to avoid loose skin as you lose weight

No one ever tells you the truth about losing weight. Your social media is probably flooded with before and after pictures of people that have shed pounds by following a healthier lifestyle. It sounds great, but, with every major change that your body undergoes, there can be some frustrating consequences. A common problem people are faced with after losing weight is the skins inability to bounce back. Loose skin from weight loss may feel like a major setback to your fitness goals, but that is not to say that it can’t be remedied. Whether you’ve already begun your weight loss journey or are about to commit to a fitness regimen, there are a couple of things you should know to avoid that saggy skin.

Why do we get loose skin?

Your skin is an organ that stretches out and expands according to the amount of fat that has been accumulated in a certain area. Once you’ve gained a considerable amount of weight, it will often not snap back into place, especially if it is lost at a relatively rapid rate. There are a myriad of factors that can affect the firmness and ability of your skin to tighten after weight loss. Some of these may include age, how much weight is lost, how quickly the weight is lost, hydration, sun exposure, or the fact that some people are genetically pre-disposed to have looser skin. Many of these factors affect your skins natural production of collagen, a protein that helps to restore dead skin and maintains its firmness. Once it is stretched out to a certain point, it begins to damage the collagen and affects its overall elasticity so it will not shrink back with you.


How can you prevent it?

As you lose weight, it is important to keep your skin in mind, and following certain methods, you can help it bounce back. Experts have recommended losing weight at a slower pace (to give your body more time to adjust to the change), building muscle, and making sure to stay hydrated. An effective method to prevent that sagginess can be found in creams and serums with ingredients to help heal and support the firmness of the skin. Putting together the best ingredients for you may make a drastic difference in its health and can minimize the effects of weight loss. Several have been tested for their effectiveness in restoring your skin naturally. Below is a list of some excellent ingredients to try out and the reasons why they’re creating a craze in the beauty world.


It’s likely that you’ve seen jojoba listed on the ingredients of your favorite shampoo or creams. But what does it do? Jojoba is a wax that is extracted from the seed of the plant of the same name. It contains phytosterols, compounds that encourage collagen production and slows down the process of aging skin, making it a vital tool in your arsenal of ingredients to tighten and minimize loose skin. Jojoba is incredibly moisturizing and very quickly absorbed. Remember, age and environment affect the skins ability to produce collagen and can negatively impact its firmness. When you use products like jojoba that maintain hydration and helps collagen receive water, it can significantly influence how your skin bounces back.


Hydration is a crucial element in supporting collagen production, and avocado oil is perfect to minimize the effects of damaged skin. Avocado oil moisturizes the skin and is used to relieve eczema, prevent stretch marks and protect against the sun (one of the main factors of collagen degradation). It seals in moisture for long-lasting hydration and contains vitamin E, potassium and healthy fats like oleic acid that can be deeply absorbed by the skin to moisturize, hydrate and improve the function of cells.


Hyaluronic acid may not sound like something you’d want to put on your skin, but in reality, it is a substance naturally found all over the body that functions to fill up space between tissues. It helps to regulate moisture and is located in the highest concentration in skin tissue. It is safe to use and may drastically maintain the health and appearance of your skin. It is often added to serums and creams because of its effectiveness in improving wrinkles and lines found around the face. The craze is not just hype; thousands have seen the positive benefits hyaluronic acid has had on their skin so adding it to your creams may be just what you need to firm up those areas you need help with.


Rosehip oil is made from the seeds of the rosebush. It contains vitamins like A and C that firm up the skin and are commonly used to treat wrinkles and prevent premature aging. Rosehip also contains high levels of fatty acids, particularly Omega-3 and Omega-6. These are generally absorbed by the body through our diet. They are available in foods such as fish oil, walnuts, oysters and plant oils and are essential because fatty acids are the building blocks of the skins surface layers. Applying it directly to your skin can help improve its durability and the likelihood that the skin will strengthen and tighten in the long run.

There are hundreds of remedies to help with saggy or loose skin after weight loss. It just takes the right combination of diet, exercise and skin care ingredients to help your skin look its best while you work on transforming your body for the better. If you are interested in creating your own serum or skin cream, check out the company Organation that specializes in providing the best ingredients (including all of those mentioned above) to create your own custom product that will work for your unique needs. With all of these tools in your arsenal, it’s easy to jump onto that new diet with the confidence and knowledge necessary to fight saggy skin, so you’ll look your best no matter what.

CFA Program exam – Level I

This is the first step in a three part series which enables you to get the most respected investments related qualification in the world. While there are many competing qualifications for every profession (e.g. national level professional bodies for accountants and doctors), there is only one for Financial analyst/Investment profession. UK, Canada, China and every other country’s investment profession is dominated by the same one certification i.e. CFA Program offered by CFA Institute, USA. You can learn more about the program by visiting website of FinQuiz – Approved Prep Provider by CFA Institute.

Fees for Level 1

A one time enrollment fee of $450. Exam fee is approximately $650 for each exam level. Total cost comes to $2400 ($450 + (3x$650)). This makes it far cheaper than any MBA program. On top of this, you can continue to work and earn while studying for CFA Program. Note: Above mentioned fees assume that you register on earliest registration deadlines as fees increase 30-50% as exam approaches. Many candidates mention the low cost and the freedom to continue to work as big factor in their decision to opt for CFA Program.


You register online on the website of CFA Institute. Level I exam is offered twice a year – June and December; and candidates are expected to register about eight months before the exam.

CFA Exam Registration document requirement:

Candidates register by providing details of their passport which should be valid on the exam day.

Exam test centers

CFA Institute conducts exam in test centers across many states and many countries in the world. You can change test center location after the registration by filling out a simple form and submitting it to CFA Institute.

Exam dates

Exam is conducted on first Saturday of June and December. There are few exception to this. Exam is conducted on first Sunday in Asia Pacific region for candidates of exam level 1. Religious alternate days are also available.


CFA Program curriculum for exam level 1 has ten topics. These include financial statement analysis, corporate finance, portfolio management, equity investments, fixed income investments, derivatives, alternative investments, quantitative methods, economics and ethics. Not all ten topics have equal weights. Some topics are tested with more questions than others. For example: Ethics. Candidates with prior backgrounds in business are able to immediately recognize familiar topics like NPV, IRR, GAAP and Dividend discount model etc.


You need to have sixteen years of education to register for CFA Program. OR Four years of full-time work experience (in any field). OR Fourteen years of education plus two years of full-time work experience.

Study material

CFA Institute provides you with curriculum (around six books of 300 pages each for exam level 1). Candidates get access to practice questions and mock exam as well. Past exam papers for levels I and II are not released by the Institute. CFA Institute has approved few commercial third-party prep providers. The list includes names as Wiley, Kaplan, Bloomberg, Fitch Learning, PWC Academy.

Why CFA Program exam is so popular?

There are quite a few reasons for world wide popularity of the program.

Nature of work of financial analysts

Financial analysis work is more suitable for self study learning because it does not involve large teams. A single person with access to electronic research tools and software can do the work. Work is more like of a technician or craftsman and does not involve organization of large number of resources. There is little need for university style learning environment The work requires basic understanding of few subjects and detailed of others. Reading books without need for professor guided assignments and projects gives you all the knowledge needed.

Lack of national standards

Unlike accountants and doctors, financial analyst operate without any national level work standards. This allows presence of a single global certification. Also, global nature of banking allows and sometime requires frequent relocation of human resource. Having one global certification makes every ones life easier.

Dynamic nature of curriculum

CFA Institute updates curriculum every year based on feedback from professionals. This results in additions and deletion of chapters every year. Text book style learning material – which is revised once a decade or so cannot work in financial analysis profession.

Safety Instructions for installing FLO G5 charging station

When using electrical appliances, basic precautions should always be followed.

This manual contains important instructions that must be followed when installing, operating and maintaining the Flo charging station. Please read this guide carefully before attempting to install the charging station.


To reduce the risk of fire, connect only to a branch circuit provided with a maximum surge protection of 40A in accordance with the Canadian Electrical Code (CSA C22.1-12) and the National Electrical Code (ANSI / NFPA 70).

  1. This charging station has been designed for wall or post mounting.
  2. Ensure that the mounting surface for the wall or pole is strong enough to support the

weight of the charging station and that the anchors used are compatible with the surface.

  1. Verify that there is no piping, electrical installation or underground electrical installation

in the area where you will install the station, to avoid serious injuries.

  1. Connect the power supply of the charging station with caliber 6 AWG to 8 AWG copper conductors rated for usage at a temperature of at least 75°C.
  2. This product must be connected to a grounded, metal, permanent wiring system, or an equipment-grounding conductor must be run with the circuit conductors and

connected to the equipment grounding terminal and installed by a certified electrician.

  1. Communicate with a certified contractor, certified electrician or trained installer to ensure compliance with local building code, regulation, security standards and weather conditions.
  2. Any modification to any part of the charging station will void the warranty.
  3. Handle parts with care, since they can be sharp-edged. Always use safety glasses and gloves when unpacking and installing.
  4. Do not install on or over a combustible surface.
  5. The power supply cables of the charging station must be rated FT2 minimum.
  6. The input cable strain relief, conduits or armed-cable bushings and adapter:
  7. A) have to be certified for both Canada and USA;
  8. B) have to be waterproof (NEMA 4X);
  9. C) have to be suitable for the outside diameter of the chosen cable and suitable for mounting into a 28.17 mm (1,109 in) diameter opening (for connection through the bottom or back cable opening).


This device should be supervised when used around children. Never insert your finger into the electric vehicle connection. Never use the charging station if the flexible power cord or EV cable is frayed, has broken insulation, or any other signs of damage. Never use the charging station if the enclosure or the EV connector is broken, cracked, open, or shows any other signs of damage. This charging station was designed to be used with electric vehicles equipped with a

SAE-J1772 connector.

This charging station is to be used to charge vehicles that do not require a ventilated environment during charging. Always disconnect the power supply of the charging station before servicing.

Before You Install

The station must be installed by a certified electrician. The station has built-in protection against overvoltage conditions and leakage current to ground.

Installing the Station

The power supply cable can be inserted from the rear (a)

or from under (b) the station:

– 3/4’’ knockout (a) and (b)

– Remove a single cap

– Strain relief not included

1 Disassemble the front casing by removing the 2 front screws and then separate the mounting plate by unscrewing the lower screw. Your charging station must be installed by a licensed electrician.

2 Use the mounting plate as a drilling template after determining the input to be used, either at the rear or under the station

3 Hang the mounting plate securely to a stable surface using a minimum of 3 anchor screws.

4 Insert the conductors and secure the strain relief to the rear housing so that the conductors are long enough to reach the terminals.

5 Secure the rear housing of the station to the mount

6 Screw the lower screw to secure the mounting.

7 Connect the two power wires (L1 and L2) and the ground wire (GND).

8 Install the front housing of the charging station:

A) Hang the top by presenting the front housing at an angle of about 30 degrees, then pivot vertically without forcing.

B) Tighten the 2 front screws with a nominal torque of 55 lbs-in.

9 Switch on the electrical circuit breaker.

Your new station can now charge your vehicle!

Setting the Current Limit

By default, the FLO Home G5 is set to maximum power (factory). If your home’s electrical infrastructure does not allow the charging station at maximum power (or pre-venting any potential current overload), it can be reduced using the Current Limiter Switch.

  • Switch “OFF“ the charging station: A In the Breaker Panel set the circuit breaker switching the charging station to “OFF”.B Confirm the charging station’s Light Indicator is “OFF”.
  • Before handling the charging station, use a multimeter to determine if an electrical cable is hot. Keep in mind; it is possible for more than one wire to be live.
  • Locate Current Limiters switch.
  • Using a flat-bladed screwdriver, gently rotate the Switch to the desired position. (See table below).
  • Put back the front housing.
  • Switch “ON“ the charging station.

Top moving companies listing from the Greater Montreal area in 2018

Choosing a trusted mover is essential to avoid your moving experience starting to be a nightmare. There are a huge selection of moving companies inside the Greater Montreal area then one can find a huge number of stories about wronged clients. We have compiled this list to help you come up with a well-informed choice.

Check out your Top 10 list

On the countless reviews we’ve got analyzed, the commonest complaints are undoubtedly uncompensated damage, the movers’ inefficiency, accompanied by inappropriate attitude from the employees, hidden costs and delays. Beware of a lovely hourly rate, which could from the long run be costly by way of overbilling and repairs.

How to stop being scammed?

Word-of-mouth is often a good start but most of the service quality will be different throughout the company. Many websites suggest calling a couple of companies and verifying their reliability by asking a summary of questions. The catch might be that unscrupulous movers could give you the answers you would like to hear.

On other websites, some companies are cited but and not mention the selection process involved. This is often disguised advertising. Some websites can have you complete a form to have quotes from a lot of companies but whose partners are chosen in a arbitrary fashion.

The best 10 movers inside Greater Montreal area

As far when we are concerned, there’s only one clear way to come up with a decision: base your choice on client feedback provided on the Internet. The higher the average rating of any company, the greater you could be confident that it can treat its clients well.

A company may, needless to say, cheat by asking relatives to depart false accounts, but an unscrupulous company will not be able to prevent getting bad reviews and look after a high ranking as well.

The most trusted movers

So this is the list with the 10 top movers on the Greater Montreal area. Many of them are true gems that won’t appear in rapid search engine results, because they might be listed under their pretty much commendable competitors.

In order to qualify, they have to average a minimum of 4.5 stars based on a minimum of 50 ratings on Google and Facebook.

Happy shopping!

Company* Google Reviews Google Rating Facebook Reviews Facebook Rating Total Reviews Weighted Average
Déménagement 7 Étoiles 5 5 11 5.0 16 5
Déménagement Pause Café 75 4.6 46 4.9 131 4.8
Déménagement Constantineau 49 4.9 47 4.9 96 4.9
Déménagement Myette 247 4.9 122 4.9 369 4.9
Déménagement Tandem 229 4.9 9 5.0 238 4.9
Déménagements Sympathiques 102 4.9 73 5.0 175 4.9
Groupe Chartrand 157 5.0 27 5.0 184 5.0
Le plan pas con 135 5.0 18 5.0 153 5.0
Les Gentlemen déménageurs 46 4.9 240 5.0 286 5.0

* Since the ten best companies all have a very minimum average of four years old.8 stars, we consider all of them efficient at offering nearly as good a service since the other ones. Thus the transaction in which they may be listed is arbitrary: the methods listed at the very top with a url to their website contribute financially on the advertising campaign giving visibility for this ranking list.

The top movers elsewhere in Quebec

Most on the movers beyond your Greater Montreal area don’t qualify for the 4.5 stars average based on at the very least 50 reviews, with all the notable exception of two companies: Dmax Express inside Laurentians with 4.7 stars dependant on 232 reviews and Déménagement à Prix Modique in Quebec City with 4.7 stars over 62 reviews.

Getting Prank Calls?

Are you experiencing prank calls? Are they making you worried? Then, stop worrying about their nonsense doings. Thus, WhoseNo will help you to determine their real identity. They offer the best services to stop you from getting prank calls.

WhoseNo is a responsible and independent site that will serve you for free. They will never fail you because they have a competent team that will help you find important details about the prank calls you are receiving. With their services, you can stop worrying from the nonsense mobile users that are trying to prank you for fun or any other reason.

WhoseNo will help you without costing your money. They will support your needs without getting money from you. Thus, they believe that quality of service is not always a question of money. They are happy and will passionately help you to get the details of the mobile number that is disturbing you. With that, you can focus on your work and more important things than worrying about the prank call that you receive from unidentified mobile users.

They have a holistic and professional approach to serve you better with your needs. They will search the details easily on their databases, social media and other public information to save you from that annoying person. Moreover, they also have the best working system that will leave you happy and satisfied.

Once you have tried the quality services of WhoseNo, you can be one of their regular users. They are always ready to give you an immediate response to your urgent questions. With their excellent customer support, you will not regret that you have chosen their services. If you want to know who’s behind that prank calls immediately, WhoseNo will make it happen for you. They are responsible enough to use efficient techniques to satisfy the needs of their aspiring clients.

With a free cost, you can still expect the highest quality of service that you are always expecting to have. They also have a dedicated team that can help you to track the location of that mysterious mobile user. Are you worried about prank calls? Then, it is time to stop the uneasiness and negative feeling that you are experiencing. WhoseNo will free your mind from these pranksters.

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With its free cost, friendly team as well high quality of service, WhoseNo became the top choice of customers when it comes to their unknown number needs. With their support, you can relax and focus more on important things. With that, you can enjoy life more and free yourself from worries.

Don’t let other people worry about you. The services of WhoseNo are always there to help you. Stop these prank calls and report them to teach them about their wrongdoings. What are you waiting for? Stop these pranksters and reveal their identity for public safety.

Things to Know When Choosing a Reputable Trophy Supplier

Football is a strenuous sport. Players need to have enough stamina to last throughout every game. Before they can join any competition, they work hard. From hours of intense practice every day to discipline, they need to possess good qualities to succeed.

After all the sweats, tears, sleepless nights, criticisms, and failures, they need to be appropriately recognized for a job well done. And a beautiful and unique trophy is the only award that can make them happy. Nothing is fulfilling than a creative and special trophy with a detailed style and design.

At one point in time, the committee for a football competition wants to purchase an award for a function. These days, there are different types of options to choose from. The sizes and the shapes vary. It’s wise to research thoroughly to identify the right trophy for a sporting event like football. Of course, finding the right option is essential as a below-par item does not suit the competition.

Is the trophy of high quality?

Buying any item online or offline is tough. But there’s a way to make the process hassle-free. When buying a trophy, check whether it is of good quality or not. Work with a supplier that’s reputed for providing aesthetically creative and highly excellent trophies to give you the peace of mind.

Of course, all suppliers want their clients to think that they make the most outstanding solutions on the market. In reality, some can be relied on, and others cannot be trusted. As much as possible, ask where their products are made of. This would give you a concrete idea about the quality of your option.

Before adding the trophy to cart, see some samples of trophies from the company. Spend time to know the materials used in every product. Is it made from glass? Or does it have the integration of crystal objects? Always remember that the quality of these components won’t be the same among different suppliers.

Not only that, there’s more! Check out the grade of materials used on every trophy. Determine whether a supplier is the main source or an intermediary. For those who prefer items that are available at a reasonable time, trophies from a primary supplier are brilliant.

What are the Engravings of the Trophy?

The engravings in the trophy is another thing to take into account. With the advancement of technology, there are several ways that suppliers follow when engraving awards. As a consumer, choose the one that has a vast experience in all aspects of manufacturing trophies. Select the company that specializes in engraving different materials like metals.

Is your Supplier Credible?

Last but not the least, consider how trustworthy the supplier of your choice. A reputed company is worth the investment. Not only can you purchase a high-quality option, but you can also make people happy.

There you have it! Prepare your pocket and enjoy shopping! Seeing how the winners smile when they receive their football trophy is satisfying!

The Best Productivity Tips for Students

Student years often come to young people with a sweet flavour of freedom mingled with awakening responsibility for your own future. We realize that a good rest is as important as good studies, but to have enough time for it without compromising your studies, you should manage your time in the right way.

The major key to doing it most effectively is increasing your productivity. The proper balance of rest, socializing, and studies will guarantee you the best grades.

You can approach your efficiency from various points of view, that’s why you should not only know the practical tricks to make the progress in your studies hassle-free, but also be aware of certain psychological techniques, which will help you get into the frame of mind necessary for gaining success. Let’s see into some of them in more detail.

1. Take care of your working environment.

You should have comfortable furniture: a chair, which will not make you back ache and a desk having enough space for all your studying materials and stationery, by the way, buy good stationery and you’ll add up pleasure to your educational process. Keep your working space organized and tidy, your thoughts will also be then better organized.

2. Get rid of distractions.

No matter if you live at home or on campus, tell your immediate ones that you need some peace and quiet while working on the educational tasks you’ve got. Lock yourself away with a door and ask your family or fellow students to minimize noise.

Classical music may serve you a shield from the surrounding world, besides, it’s believed to increase productivity, they say Mozart can even make you smarter. Stay away from social networks and switch off your phone. The temptation to check both your phone and your social accounts will be great, especially when you just start the attempts to discipline yourself in the fight for higher productivity.

3. Get organized.

Every student has a busy schedule, to make the most of it and to keep track of all your assignments and their deadlines, get a to-do list for yourself. Avoid ambiguity, your tasks should be specific, accurate and properly worded. You can choose whatever form is convenient for you: a whiteboard, some app, a planner, whatever.

Nevertheless, make sure your deadlines and plans are realistic. Distribute your tasks in advance and try to make your working load reasonable every day. It makes sense to concentrate on the difficult time-consuming tasks in the first turn. Fulfill them in your personal golden hours, when you have the most energy and can concentrate best.

Later you will be able to quickly cope with smaller and easier assignments. You should also remember that multitasking brings your productivity down, so having some serious task, you should concentrate on it and do your best to cope with it in a session or two. I guess, the best thing in having a to-do list is the possibility to tick off the points fulfilled and get the incomparable feeling of satisfaction with it.

4. Manage your time.

Time management can by right be called the major aspect of productivity increase. Master the skills of effective time management and you half of the way to success. Set a studying schedule for yourself and stick as closer to it as possible.

Don’t overload yourself with complicated and time-consuming tasks, break the tasks into smaller chunks. It will be easier to cope with them stage by stage. You should not devote more than two hours to any task you have, that’s why you should split them. Keep in mind that breaks are important, plan them as well.

Say no to procrastinating, it’s not easy, but for your own sake learn to cope with your assignments according to a plan made in advance and a bit earlier than the deadline. In such a way you’ll allow some additional time for the unexpected delays in your work and will have some extra time for papers revision.

5. Adopt healthy habits.

The secret of good productivity is not only proper time management and planning but a healthy lifestyle as well. Physiological basics of high productivity should not be underestimated. Your nutrition should be healthy and providing you with a proper amount of energy throughout a day.

Porridge for breakfast, fresh or dried fruit as snacks, vegetables for dinner and fresh juice along with super-foods for your brain, like blueberries or fish, will make you cheerful and full of energy for your studies.

Keep in mind that crisps, chocolate, and coffee are not good snacks, in the long run, they have only short-term energizing effect, damaging your health more than supporting it. Remember about the necessity to drink enough water, in such a way you will avoid headaches and sluggish states.

Maybe you do not need 8 hours of sleep sharp, but make sure you sleep enough, get rid of the habit to study late hours and give enough rest to your body and mind.

Devote some time daily to physical activity, exercising supplies your brain with oxygen, releases endorphins and get your heart pumping. 20 minutes a day can be enough to boost your productivity and to keep shape, one hour will even be better, find the best option for you personally and take this time from your busy schedule for your perfect results in sports, healthy lifestyle and studies.

6. Psychological tricks.

The last, but not the least point to be mentioned is the psychological aspect of improving productivity. Adopt positive attitude to life and studies, in particular, taking a genuine interest in what you are studying along with the expectation of favourable outcomes from your work, will help you to stay motivated most of the time.

Study when you should study, exercise when you have scheduled to, rest when you have to rest and stick to the routine, it will help your brain adapt to a set regime and increase your productivity at certain hours.

Thus you will become more productive and able to study with less effort, getting into the right frame of mind at the hours presupposed for studies. Arrange research sessions with your fellow students, it will decrease each one’s personal burden allowing to study from one another, share and compare notes, and stay motivated.

Do not forget to reward yourself, it may be simply a glass or fresh or a nut snack at the end of the chapter, nevertheless, it will make you expect something pleasant and preserve positive attitude towards the whole process of studies.

We do hope that our advice will be useful to you as a young student and will help you to enhance your productivity by adopting healthy habits, positive mental attitude, and right time management skills. In return, you will be rewarded not only with excellent grades but with a good health and enough time for rest, entertainment and personal life.

Solar vs. Wind Energy- What are the cheapest renewable energy sources?

It’s a new world we live in, one where individuals can finally take huge steps towards reducing their impact on the environment while opting for smarter, more efficient sources for the power they use, the food they consume, and so on. A subject of importance these days is the energy source used in residences, homeowners taking an interest in the subject in order to cut down on their costs and help protect the environment.

While solar is the preferred energy source as it even provides the benefit of portability in some cases as opposed to other renewable sources, and it is more widespread and convenient, wind energy is rapidly gaining terrain as well. A study shows that almost 5% of American households rely on the latter, wind and solar systems being the two sources that fight it out to gain a spot in all residences where budget-smart and environmentally friendly people live.

General comparison between solar and wind

Environmental impact

  • There is no actual negative effect on the environment or wildlife when it comes to solar systems.
  • Wind turbines, due to the moving parts that they feature and are exposed, present a threat to wildlife, to birds and other flying creatures to be more specific.


  • In sunnier places, it’s obvious that panels are more efficient as they draw more power on a daily basis. Panel placement is equally important as you must install them in an ideal manner to receive as much light as possible throughout the day.
  • From a geographical point of view, wind is more pretentious as it isn’t everywhere, not constantly at least. Thus, you are less likely to opt for it if you live in an area where there isn’t enough wind year-round for power generation.


  • In terms of maintenance, solar systems are a dream to work with as they require little of it. As long as you inspect them once in a while and clean the panels, you are good to go. In addition, after 20 years, they should work at 80% power, which means that you can rely on them in the long-term.
  • The specific needs vary from type to type when it comes to turbines, but what’s for sure is that more maintenance work is due as the moving parts need regular care and replacement.


  • The typical lifespan of a solar system is approximately 25 years, but it varies depending on the specific product at hand. When it comes to performance guarantees provided by manufacturers, these generally range from 5 years on inverters and batteries to 25 years on the panels themselves.
  • Most commonly, turbines last for up to 25 years, which is undeniably great. However, they feature moving parts that needs replacement once in a while, so you should be ready to make a few investments during this time span. When it comes to backing, they are generally covered for 5 years, but the specific warranty length varies from one manufacturing company to another.


  • Solar panels might tend to be bulkier, but they do provide the benefit of freedom in placement as you can put them almost anywhere you like, whether it is the ground or the roof. All that matters is for them to be facing the sun in order to draw power.
  • Space-efficiency is the key advantage of wind turbines, but there’s a problem when it comes to placement as they need to be placed away from obstacles and buildings that put a barrier between them and wind currents.

In-depth look at costs – What type of energy is cheaper?

Here’s an overview of upfront costs involved with installing both systems:

  • 5 kW solar system – About $13,000 after tax credits.
  • 5 kW wind system – About $20,000 after tax credits.

We made it a point to not jump directly on the budget subject but rather discuss their general traits before as it is important to do so in order to draw an informed conclusion. Evidently, if you look at the problem strictly from a financial point of view, solar systems are the go-to option for residential use. But what makes solar power the true winner and the obvious renewable source to reign in our era is a combination of costs, efficiency, lifespan, impact, and maintenance, doing an overall better job than wind turbines.

Solar power systems aren’t only a better value for your money, especially in locations where average wind speeds don’t usually exceed 5 meters per second, but their low, almost inexistent maintenance implies that there won’t be any substantial upkeep costs along the way as long as proper installation is ensured. Overall, solar wins as the costs over the lifetime of the system is less than half the lifetime cost per kWh of wind turbines. In conclusion, for most residential applications and in most cases, if you want a budget-smart solution when it comes to energy, solar is the way to go.


All homeowners want to install a renewable energy system as it helps save money on the electric bills considerably, all while reducing the impact had by individuals on the environment. As your decision is most likely going to be between solar and wind energy, if you want to make the best choice when it comes to costs, you should first read this article to learn more on the matter.

Tyson Rhame’s Advice on Goals and Dreams

Entrepreneur, starting new business, leadership concept.

Ty Rhame after graduating from the Air Force Academy in 1988, he fed his fondness for aviation and his love for leadership and after then pursuing a career in the United States Air force Reserves. His dedication to the military service has earned him awards and he serves in the capacity of a Lieutenant Colonel.

Ty Rhame in this his Slideshare presentation outlined the characteristics and attribute existing in the mind of a successful entrepreneur, as well as the mentality needed to maintain a strong work ethic as an entrepreneur. He used iconic entrepreneurs to illustrate and break down their mental composition so as to better demonstrate how certain attributes creates a particular work ethic and in the end a more successful future.

He narrates how he used his military experience to develop is entrepreneurial skills. He outlines the correlation between the training he receive in the Air Force Academy and his ability to draw the positive attributes acquired in the Air Force to start successful business. He further explains that in the military, it is very important to have a tremendous skill for easy communication, coordination, motivation and understanding the people who are needed for any mission completion. Ty Rhame further says that in the military knowing people’s problem, strengths, impuissance, and motivation so as to achieve long term goals was necessary. There he leaned to be perceptive to both nonverbal communication and actions. He mentioned that everyone deserves respect and that everyone has something to offer. This became one of the most rewarding and one of the most critical skills he need as an entrepreneur.

Creating business and employment is part of being an entrepreneur he conveyed and these jobs should be solely about people. Ty Rhame reiterates that as a businessman, you should take very good care of your employee. The people that work in a business are not just “cogs in the wheel” that run in a machine as he calls it but to show how they merit to be respected and endowed. To be a successful business owner in his opinion, an entrepreneur is requires to respect, nurture, and care for the people throughout the organization. Ty Rhame mentioned how this can lead to great opportunities for them, making the world a better place for them and all. In his reference to business and military, he mentioned that military and business cannot achieve anything if there is no harmony among the rank and that solid people skills are the keys to unifying efforts.

Tyson Rhame made a self-proclaimed goal to work with the Air Force Endowment Board where he will be able to raise awareness and educate graduates so that he would be able to teach them leadership skills and how convert the opportunities offered in the Air Force Academy to enhance themselves to become better and inspiring leaders. A dream which became true.