What is Cushing Syndrome? | Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Cushing Syndrome is a rare condition that is caused by overproduction of cortisol hormone. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is produced in the adrenal glands. This hormone is very useful especially when you are dealing with stressful conditions. It is produced in bursts in the morning with few in the evening. When the body has too much of this hormone, the excess hormone can throw off other body’s systems. Although most of the instances of Cushing Syndrome can be cured, the symptoms may take a longer time to ease up.

This condition is very common in women than in men and it usually affects people from 25-40 years. Some of the patients develop this condition because the adrenal glands have a tumor that leads to the release of too much cortisol. Several other people develop it because they make too much of ACTH which initiates adrenal glands to produce too much of cortisol.

Causes of Cushing Syndrome

As I had already stated, this condition is caused by too much production of cortisol which is produced in the adrenal glands located in your liver. The most common cause is linked to medications called glucocorticoids which are in other words known as Steroids or prednisone. These medications are prescribed for conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and lupus. Studies show that taking too much of them for too long can cause Cushing Syndrome.

The other common cause is the existence of tumor in your Pituitary gland which is found in the brain. Also if there’s a tumor in the adrenal glands, there’s likelihood of this condition developing. Although this isn’t a condition passed in families, there are some rare cases where it develops because there’s a gene problem in the family.

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The fact is that people with Cushing Syndrome don’t develop the same signs and symptoms. For this reason, you need to analyze them closely because your condition maybe different from another person’s. However, some of the most common symptoms includes;

  • Acne
  • Rounded rosy face
  • Weight gain
  • Thinning skin
  • Tiredness
  • Sleep problems
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Kidney stones
  • Irregular periods in women
  • Extra hair growth on the body and face
  • Osteoporosis

If you notice any of the above symptoms, then it’s time to visit your doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Children with this condition are likely to be obese and grow slowly.


First of all, the doctor will have to carry on some tests to detect the existence of Cushing syndrome and later the cause. If the overproduction of cortisol is caused by the steroids you are taking, then the doctor will see if you can stop taking them. If the condition is caused by a tumor, then the doctor will recommend more tests to determine the location of the tumor and corrective measures taken. A surgery to remove the tumor may be done. The other way is that the doctor can shrink the tumor using medicine or radiation. On your part, eat well because a healthy diet can ease some symptoms of Cushing syndrome.

How to avoid loose skin as you lose weight

No one ever tells you the truth about losing weight. Your social media is probably flooded with before and after pictures of people that have shed pounds by following a healthier lifestyle. It sounds great, but, with every major change that your body undergoes, there can be some frustrating consequences. A common problem people are faced with after losing weight is the skins inability to bounce back. Loose skin from weight loss may feel like a major setback to your fitness goals, but that is not to say that it can’t be remedied. Whether you’ve already begun your weight loss journey or are about to commit to a fitness regimen, there are a couple of things you should know to avoid that saggy skin.

Why do we get loose skin?

Your skin is an organ that stretches out and expands according to the amount of fat that has been accumulated in a certain area. Once you’ve gained a considerable amount of weight, it will often not snap back into place, especially if it is lost at a relatively rapid rate. There are a myriad of factors that can affect the firmness and ability of your skin to tighten after weight loss. Some of these may include age, how much weight is lost, how quickly the weight is lost, hydration, sun exposure, or the fact that some people are genetically pre-disposed to have looser skin. Many of these factors affect your skins natural production of collagen, a protein that helps to restore dead skin and maintains its firmness. Once it is stretched out to a certain point, it begins to damage the collagen and affects its overall elasticity so it will not shrink back with you.


How can you prevent it?

As you lose weight, it is important to keep your skin in mind, and following certain methods, you can help it bounce back. Experts have recommended losing weight at a slower pace (to give your body more time to adjust to the change), building muscle, and making sure to stay hydrated. An effective method to prevent that sagginess can be found in creams and serums with ingredients to help heal and support the firmness of the skin. Putting together the best ingredients for you may make a drastic difference in its health and can minimize the effects of weight loss. Several have been tested for their effectiveness in restoring your skin naturally. Below is a list of some excellent ingredients to try out and the reasons why they’re creating a craze in the beauty world.


It’s likely that you’ve seen jojoba listed on the ingredients of your favorite shampoo or creams. But what does it do? Jojoba is a wax that is extracted from the seed of the plant of the same name. It contains phytosterols, compounds that encourage collagen production and slows down the process of aging skin, making it a vital tool in your arsenal of ingredients to tighten and minimize loose skin. Jojoba is incredibly moisturizing and very quickly absorbed. Remember, age and environment affect the skins ability to produce collagen and can negatively impact its firmness. When you use products like jojoba that maintain hydration and helps collagen receive water, it can significantly influence how your skin bounces back.


Hydration is a crucial element in supporting collagen production, and avocado oil is perfect to minimize the effects of damaged skin. Avocado oil moisturizes the skin and is used to relieve eczema, prevent stretch marks and protect against the sun (one of the main factors of collagen degradation). It seals in moisture for long-lasting hydration and contains vitamin E, potassium and healthy fats like oleic acid that can be deeply absorbed by the skin to moisturize, hydrate and improve the function of cells.


Hyaluronic acid may not sound like something you’d want to put on your skin, but in reality, it is a substance naturally found all over the body that functions to fill up space between tissues. It helps to regulate moisture and is located in the highest concentration in skin tissue. It is safe to use and may drastically maintain the health and appearance of your skin. It is often added to serums and creams because of its effectiveness in improving wrinkles and lines found around the face. The craze is not just hype; thousands have seen the positive benefits hyaluronic acid has had on their skin so adding it to your creams may be just what you need to firm up those areas you need help with.


Rosehip oil is made from the seeds of the rosebush. It contains vitamins like A and C that firm up the skin and are commonly used to treat wrinkles and prevent premature aging. Rosehip also contains high levels of fatty acids, particularly Omega-3 and Omega-6. These are generally absorbed by the body through our diet. They are available in foods such as fish oil, walnuts, oysters and plant oils and are essential because fatty acids are the building blocks of the skins surface layers. Applying it directly to your skin can help improve its durability and the likelihood that the skin will strengthen and tighten in the long run.

There are hundreds of remedies to help with saggy or loose skin after weight loss. It just takes the right combination of diet, exercise and skin care ingredients to help your skin look its best while you work on transforming your body for the better. If you are interested in creating your own serum or skin cream, check out the company Organation that specializes in providing the best ingredients (including all of those mentioned above) to create your own custom product that will work for your unique needs. With all of these tools in your arsenal, it’s easy to jump onto that new diet with the confidence and knowledge necessary to fight saggy skin, so you’ll look your best no matter what.

CBD vape juice: contents, characteristics and description

CBD vape juice completed from manufacturing weed is a medication allowed, non-psychoactive sap busy with heaviness afterward the vegetable. The sap is got finished a large-scale manufacturing cold-pressing process by means of the higher shares of the weed vegetable in addition to the greeneries.

This way obviously differentiates weed sap from additional weed harvests for example weed lubricant, hemp shoots before hemp exploit, whichever are exclusively gotten finished the kernels of the weed plant by way of opposite to the lime hemp greeneries second-hand for the sap.

The hemp liquid manufacture so brands usage of a valued portion of the manufacturing weed vegetable whichever has beforehand remained deserted then not remained rummage-sale but in its place stood left-hand on the arenas to crumble. In specific, weed sap proposals a dishonorable for a diversity of drug-free crops in the parts of nourishment, drug, make-ups, and calming drinks.

Furthermore, its fresh flavour proposals the aptitude to improve plates then snacks in their exact flavour, particularly sugary or different savoury then matches palates complete.

Present studies opinion available the chiefly high medicinal possible of the CBD, whichever is originate in manufacturing weed. Drug-free manufacturing weed then the weed sap bent after it proposed the compensations of lawful undeveloped then use, in addition to consumption by persons in numerous republics about the biosphere.

As opposed to the Indica in addition to Sativa shrubberies by advanced Tetrahydrocannabinol gratified whichever are not lawful in greatest republics. Weed liquid is a extremely apposite nutrition creation owing to the tall masses of proteins it comprises.

Hemp sap too its media remnants can be rummage-sale to addition nourishment by relieving for example approximately helping of dust in cash. It may be rummage-sale as a palate garnish in any caring of bowl. It may be rummage-sale as nourishment addition in the procedure of freeze-dried weed juice dust for nutritious details.

Seeing the massive compensations of humanizing hemp in judgment to additional harvests, weed is a maintainable food foundation for the upcoming.


Love CBD cold-pressed after manufacturing hemp previous to kernel ripening is an suspension. This is since at the finest period of crop for manufacturing part of the lime weed also covers the singular omega lubricants, maximum cannabinoids in addition to the additional valued fixings in the deferred atoms.

Altogether hemp diversities through a THC gratified of underneath 0.5% categorize as manufacturing weed in Europe (underneath 0.8% popular the US ) they are clear by way of drug-free nourishments then so permissible below US besides EU rule.

Gaging approaches aimed at cannabinoids remain founded on the removal of liquids after the weed vegetable. Investigation then educations led at the School (Germany) consume exposed that excerpts comprise abundant fewer of the early fillings of the weed plant current in the sap. Also, with excerpts there is a danger of remainders of thinners.

In a nutshell:

Here are no careful gaging methods for the amounts of cannabinoids in weed sap supposed through all situations. The world is employed on the growth of a usually accepted process.

Everything You Need To Know About Teen Depression And Substance Abuse

There is a strong connection between depression and substance abuse. Teens who have been diagnosed with depression take alcohol and cocaine according to the report of the National Bureau of Economic Research. When teens struggle with the mental illness and substance addiction, this is commonly known as a dual diagnosis.

What is depression?

Depression among teens is a mental illness that co-occurs with alcohol and substance use. Both disorders are bi-directional. This means that people who abuse prohibited drugs and alcohol are more likely to suffer from depression or vice versa.

Depressed patients may drink or take drugs to escape from feelings of despair or lift their mood. However, these substances can increase fatigue and feelings of sadness. On the other hand, other teens can experience depression when the effects of drugs wear off. Plus, the struggle to cope with addiction worsen the mental illness.

Signs of depression

Surprisingly, most teens of today who have a substance use disorder suffers from depression. Individuals who have recurring mental illness also experience alcohol and drug use disorders. Since both can imitate the symptoms of teen depression, it can be hard to diagnose whether or not a person is actively using.

Depression can look different depending on the disorder. Although some may exhibit signs such as low mood and fatigue, others may appear irritable. Other symptoms include lack of interest in daily activities, abrupt changes in sleep patterns, feelings of guilt, lack of energy, trouble concentrating, suicidal thoughts, and a lot more.

Finding the best treatment

Comprehensive and relevant treatment is available for depression and substance abuse. For teens who suffer from the mental disorder and addiction, getting treated in a center is the best solution. Antidepressants can play a vital role in reducing depressive symptoms. There are other medications to treat alcohol and cocaine use disorders.

Studies show that medication is more effective than counseling or behavioral support. Most people find intensive inpatient or outpatient treatment necessary to learn coping strategies for the mental illness. They also recognize ways to curb their never-ending addiction.

When seeking the best treatment for depression and substance use, it’s essential to find immediate medical attention. This is a great way to address withdrawal symptoms of alcohol and drugs. Abstinence may be imperative before a specialist to conduct a diagnostic assessment. Also, don’t forget to speak with a physician about programs that are specially tailored for dual diagnosis.

Some people may just end the substance use that has served as their way of coping with extreme depression. As a result, the mental illness may worsen and increase the risk of relapse. Other individuals with a dual diagnosis can deal well with medical support and counseling. They may also find inpatient and outpatient treatment solutions effective. This usually includes peer support, individual counseling, individualized treatment plans, family involvement, follow up support, onsite medical assistance, etc.

If your teens have been diagnosed with depression, talk to your doctor right away. Polaris Teen Center Residential Facilities for Teens is one of the most trusted specialists that offer the best services. They are equipped with the innovative facility, tested medications, and highly certified teams.

Teen mental health and substance abuse treatment

Presently the suicide rate is rapidly increasing and teenage suicide is common as compared to adults. You might be wondering that why teens are more prone to committing serious action like suicides when they do not have any serious responsibilities or other issues to care about. Research has found that the ration of stress, anxiety and depression in teenagers is higher as compared to adults. That is why if they are wrong provoked they can take some serious steps without even thinking. Here we have an insight into some teen mental health problems and why you should select residential programs for at risk youth as a treatment if your teen is dealing with the same problems.

Teen mental health problems

Here are some of the common teen mental health issues.

1. Depression

Stress would often lead to depression if not treated properly. There are many teens who are dealing with stress because they are being bullied, not treated properly by their parents or they have to deal with some family problems on daily basis. They do not even understand that when the stress and anxiety will change into depression. Only to stop what they are feeling that can take any serious steps. Substance abuse and suicide are one of those steps that teens commonly take.

2. Substance abuse

Substance abuse is another common issue in teens. Here are some of the ways how teens get addicted.

  1. The most common cause of substance abuse in teens is peer pressure. They are pressurized by their friends to do something that they do not want to like trying drugs or alcohol. When they cannot control themselves, it turns into addiction.
  2. Some teens will try different types of substances as fun and they will end up being addicted to it.
  3. There are some teens who are sick and tired of their parents fighting all the time and other family issues. The best solution they find is substance abuse to get all the negative thoughts out of their mind and feel relaxed for once.

Why it is better to select residential programs

There are many ways you can have your child treated but nothing can be compared with the benefits of residential programs. Some parents think about sending their teens to the rehab. You should know that your teenagers are already emotionally caged and they will not feel safe in the rehab and it is not safe for your kids as well. A residential program is better because they will give a home like environment to your teens. They can participate in healthy activities. Therapists will not only pay attention to kids but also, they will have family sessions in which they will help parents understand how they can give their children a better future.

It will help provide better results because the chances of going back towards the mental health problems or substance abuse will be reduced. It is important that you select the best residential programs for at risk youth.

Types of Tinnitus 911 and its Symptoms

One increasing growing health issue in our contemporary health care milieu is tinnitus and the drastic symptoms of it.

This annoying ringing in the problem in the ears is a global phenomenon that is quite relentless and very recurrent. Along with knowing the exact health abnormality, it is also very significant to learn about the different types of tinnitus. Tinnitus 911 is a supplement that can deal with all kinds of tinnitus in a better way.

According to the studies, tinnitus is generally referred to as a disturbing and potentially very debilitating ailment that can affect definitely many other things in your life.  For an example, it can ruin your communication of conversation, good night sleep with the oftentimes and constant noises in head or ear, disrupt your work etc.

To deal with the health problems, there are some basic things that you need to learn seriously and understand. One in every ten Americans is prone to tinnitus unfortunately prone and the condition seemed to repeat itself in different cases that happen prevalently anywhere in the earth. To find and to identify the most effective treatment for the disturbance you are bearing with, you need to know two of the most identifiable types of tinnitus.

This knowledge can give you the good edge of assessing which one you are experiencing and which treatment is suitable for your problem.

Subjective tinnitus

Subjective tinnitus is the first type of tinnitus and the symptom of the issue is the patient can hear the ringing and buzzing sounds in his ears. It can be ringing, humming or a steady drumming sound in the inner ears even among others. Although, the sounds may vary there is one common denominator among the patients and this excessive volume of the sound that can drown out potentially all the external noises.

This one can be treated well with tinnitus 911. The first one is more of a nuisance or disturbance and it is not much threatening over the wellness and health of a person. It is experienced often due to the old age and overexposure to the loud noises. It can cause huge stress in the patients that mean it is obvious to give it proper treatment and an equal amount of attention like the other types.

Objective tinnitus

The second type of tinnitus is known as objective tinnitus and it is quite different from the first one because the sound is not just audible in the ear or head of a person but the ringing and buzzing are heard sound is heard by the attending physician when he is using his instrument to diagnose the problem. This type of tinnitus is often referred as Pulsatile tinnitus and it can be a serious threat for your health.  The reason is the pounding or beating sound corresponds with the pulse or heartbeat of the patient. This can be a much severe problem that may be connected to the high level of stress, high blood pressure or it can be a symptom that the blood flow is clogged in the neck or heart artery.

The problem of tinnitus can be serious or mild but tinnitus 911 can be the good solution for you.

The Best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019

If you take a look at the different Medicare supplement plans available for you to purchase in 2019, you can easily get overwhelmed. That’s because a large number of plans are available out there and you will wonder how to locate the best plan out of them, which can cater your specific needs and requirements.

As the first thing, you need to understand How to Compare Medicare Supplement Plans in 2019. In order to compare the Medicare supplement plans, you should have a clear understanding about the components that are offered to you along with the different plans. For example, you need to see whether the Medicare supplement plans cover additional days spent at the hospital, help you with making co-payments and cover up Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B deductibles. When you are aware of these components, you will be able to see how some of them are available in certain Medicare supplement plans and how some of them are not available in the other Medicare supplement plans.

To make the life easy for you, we have done the analysis on the best medicare supplement plans. Here is a list of 3 of the best Medicare supplement plans that are available for you to purchase in 2019.

Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement Plan F

Medicare Plan F should definitely come into the list of best Medicare plans for 2019 because it has got the ability to fill in all the gaps that you can find in the original Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B plans. They include outpatient coverage and hospital coverage as well. On the other hand, it has got the ability to provide coverage to 20% of the Medicare Part B. Therefore, you will be able to make sure that you don’t have to spend any money out of your own pocket when visiting the office of the doctor.

Medicare Supplement Plan G

Medicare Supplement Plan G can also be considered as a winner when comparing the best options available for the people to subscribe in 2019. Along with Medicare Supplement Plan G, you will be provided with an extensive coverage. They include coverage to foreign emergency travel expenses, blood usage for the year, skilled nursing facilities, Medicare Part B excess changes and Medicare Part A and Part B coinsurance. On the other hand, you will also be able to receive coverage against the Medicare Part A deductible as well.

Medicare Supplement Plan N

As the last option, you need to take a look at Medicare Supplement Plan N as well. Even though Medicare Supplement Plan N is not comprehensive when compare to Plan G and Plan F, you will be able to make sure that you got all basic coverage options needed to avoid hassle. In other words, you will be able to receive a lot of benefits with Medicare Supplement Plan N when compare to Plan K and Plan L. You will be able to subscribe to it at a lower price tag.

Everything you are required to know medical weed seeds

Using of medical weed seeds has really become a popular trend among people. There are plenty of reasons behind the usage of this thing. First of all, one can always use it for addiction purpose or to get high. On the other hand, these seeds come with various medicinal values and health benefits. Weed is also known to be cannabis or marijuana. Various diseases could be cured if you use it in proper amount on a regular basis. Before you proceed to buy it, you need to know about weed seeds as much as possible.

weed seeds use

Types of Weed Seeds

There are different kinds of weed seeds available out there. You can go for any of these types as per your needs and requirements. Some of the different types are described below.

  • Regular seeds: Plants from the regular seeds can be both female and male. In case you order 10 weed seeds, you won’t be able to know if plants will become female or male.
  • Feminised seeds: These seeds are known to be genetically altered to be able to produce the feminine plants in most of the cases. Feminine plants comparatively produce more working substances like CBN, CBD and THC than that of a male weed plant. These seeds are thoroughly tested and cultivated to make it consistent and stable.
  • Autoflowering seeds: These seeds basically come from the sativa or indica plants. These kinds of plants generally found in the areas with very short summer. The ruderalis plants start blooming in a very short of time. It is likely to have comparatively less THC than that of sativa or indica plants.

Fastbuds Seeds

FastBuds is known to be an American breeder which has created their own seed bank after years of research, effort, co-operation and effort. Their main goal is to present people with most superior, trendy and fashionable Autoflowering genetics out there. FastBuds has their presence both in Europe and United States. They are known to be a popular name in the field of cannabis seeds. They will surely continue to putting real effort to a breakthrough in the cannabis genetics and industry for all the right reasons.

More on seeds

Skywalker Kush is known to be such genetically improved weed strain which has become a sensation in a very short period of time. It is considered to be quite similar to the OG Kush but only with an increased yield. Overall Skywalker Kush is there to offer you an average yield along with a complex flavour.

This product comes with comparatively high THC that eventually produces big flower along with resin. It basically flowers in around 9 months that provides you a good opportunity to have many high yielding crops every year.

As per the reviews and feedback of the users of this strain, it has a satisfying yield along with a vigorous growth. On the other hand, it is likely to grow in the medium humidity and the germination can easily be achieved. Hence, even you can grow these seeds with relative ease.



What are Medicare Supplement plans?

You already know about the Original Medicare Part A and Part B plans. These plans are in a position to cater most of your healthcare supplies and needs. However, you need to keep in mind that these two plans will not pay for everything. This is the main reason why you need to take a look at the Medicare supplement plans. You will be able to get a better understanding about the Medicare supplement plans by visiting http://www.medicaresupplementplans2018.com.

medicare supplement plans

How does Medicare supplement plans work?

Before you get your hands on Medicare supplement plans, you should have an understanding on how they work. As the name suggests, the Medicare supplement plans have been designed to fill into the gaps of the Original Medicare plans. Therefore, the supplement plans are in a position to provide you with the opportunity to keep peace of mind in the long run.

It is also important for you to keep in mind that the Medicare supplement plans are not in a position to provide coverage to you against the prescription drugs. All people who are looking forward to get their medication expenses covered should keep this in mind. If you are such a person, you are strongly encouraged to go ahead and subscribe yourself to a standalone prescription drug plan. Then you will be provided with the level of coverage that you are looking forward to obtain.

Am I eligible for Medicare supplement plans?

The availability of Medicare supplement plans for the people differ from one state to another. For example, people who are under the age 65 years are not in a position to get the Medicare supplement plans in some of the states, due to end stage renal disease, disability or lateral sclerosis. If you can get in touch with the insurance department of your state, you will be able to get to know more information about it.

What other types of coverage aren’t covered by the Medicare supplement plans?

Before you subscribe yourself to a Medicare supplement plan, you should also be aware about the types of coverage that are not being offered to you. The Medicare Advantage Plans will not be covered by the Medicare Supplement plans. On the other hand, the Medicare Prescription Drug plans are also not covered.

The other types of plans that are not covered by the Medicare supplement plans include long term care insurance policies, veteran benefits, Employer group coverage and TRICARE.

Now you have an excellent understanding about what Medicare supplement plans are and what you will be able to receive out of them. You must be looking forward to understand whether these plans are right for you or not. To do that, you are encouraged to deep dive and compare the different supplement plans that are available for you to consider. Then you will be able to locate the best supplement plan that can provide assistance to you with your needs.

How To Select The Most Suitable Medicare Supplement Plan

By subscribing only to the Original Medicare, you leave space in your coverage. This is because the Original Medicare plan does not cover all areas. This gaps can leave you with extra bills to pay from your own pocket. But as you will expect, there are also plans that help to cover you in this areas. Plans such as Medicare Supplement plans help to supplement areas not covered by the Original Medicare. This Supplement plan has different options to decide on which to go with. Before making your choice, you need to understand every option.

original medicare

What Are Your Options, and Which is the Best For You?

Sold solely through private insurance institutes, Medicare Supplement plans help with the remaining cost from after the application Original Medicare advantages. Thus, the use of a Medicare Supplement plan is possible if the individual has an Original Medicare. Statistics show that at least one person in every four subscribers to a Medicare Supplement plan.

Represented as alphabets from A to N, there exist 11 Medicare Supplement plans. All Medicare Supplement under the same category should have the same benefits. The levels of coverage differ as the type of Medicare Supplement plans differ. They are also completely renewable and can’t be revoked for any reason concerning one’s health so far as you keep paying. While there is no ideal Medicare Supplement plan, the is the suitable plan for you. Bellow are some question you should ask yourself before making a choice:


Travel a lot?

If you travel most of the time, plans C, D, F,  G, M, and N will be the most favorable choice for you. These plans will pay up to eighty percent of qualified emergency services in different countries. Coverage for traveling starts when the yearly deductible of $250 is met. You will be covered for the first sixty days. All bills will be taken care of by the Medicare Supplement plan except otherwise paid for. They have a lifetime maximum of fifty thousand dollars.

Need help with Part B costs?

If you are having issues with meeting your Part B deductible, Plans C and F are the best Medicare Supplement plans for you. so don’t worry about What are the Best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019. The two will aid in paying your deductibles for Part B. In addition, plan F will also include your excess charges for Part B; Payment between the Medicare-approved amount and the maximum a doctor can charge. Even though all Medicare Supplement plans provide some amount of coverage on Part B, the best plan will be plan K. It provides 100% coverage with the exclusion of $20 and $50 copay for office visits and emergency room visits respectively.

Need the maximum coverage possible?

If you are looking for the maximum coverage possible, then, I suggest you look in the direction of the F plan. It provides 100% coverage to its subscribers and 80% coverage for traveling subscribers.

From all this information I am sure you can come up with the best Medicare Supplement plans for you.