Dancing Tips

Do you ever feel embarrassed at being the weird one in the group during a party just because you are not confident to dance? It is not a good place to be because you will fringe at the mention of the word party and start ignoring invitation just because you want to avoid the embarrassment. You should not let this problem weigh you down because dancing can easily be learnt by anyone. All you need is gain the confidence and enjoy the music without trying so hard. If you want to watch the night fade away faster than is the norm, take time to grasp a few tips here.


Bob Your Head

Follow the beat in your head and give it a move as grasp it. It is okay to count the measures as you give a little swing or bob to your head. Listen to the drums or bass to catch the rhythm. This will help you learn how to focus to music.

Shift your Weight

Adjust your feet so all you weight is carried on one foot. You may lift the other foot to ensure it is free. At the count of say; 1 and 3; shift your weight to the other foot as you focus on the counts. When you can do this comfortably, try shifting on every count until you get the hang of it. Keep your legs loose by slightly tilting your knees. Add a little of a bounce in your shifts as you make the counts. You may exaggerate the bounces, as you feel freer to enjoy the moves.


After you notice comfort in the shifts, begin to move the feet further apart. Begin with slight distances of a few inches as you increase gradually. Avoid raising the foot up as it should be as close to the ground as possible.

Add some Hip Action

Move your hips to the rhythm to add style to the movement. Begin by moving it slightly to the direction of the foot movement. Continue twisting your body slightly to add flair to the movement.

Move the Arms

When you are comfortable enough (and this may take you time to learn) you may move your arms or snap your fingers.

At this moment, you will be flexible enough to adjust to other styles of dancing. It is the basic move that helps you keep up rhythm and all the other styles can be built from this single dancing move.


First you need to realize that dancing in its basic form, is an expression of emotion, release of energy, and delight in body movement. In summary, you need to get the connection and involvement with the moves beyond grasping them. Take note of the impulse because it can be channeled by performers and spread through the audience. Allow yourself to be carried away with the powerful impulse without thinking too much or trying too hard. If you find the connection, nothing will stop you from dancing.

How to Archive Emails?

Archive Emails

Do you wish to archive your emails in Outlook? Well, you really should. That’s because it has become the norm for a lot of corporations which employ the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Just picture that a client calls you up and tells you that they never ordered your service or product. Worse of it is that they don’t want to pay for it. What will you do now?

Well, luckily, you can go back to your old correspondence which you and your client had through email, to show that they approved to that.

Following are easy steps on how you can archive emails. We will also discuss how to retrieve those if you ever want to back to one of them.

Step 1. Snap File, then Import and Export.

Step 2. Hit the Export to a File button.

Step 3. Click on the Personal Folder File (.pst).

Step 4. Choose Filter.

Step 5. Then, you can now search for specific types of criteria, like who you send or receive emails from to, time frames and so much more. That really depends on what you like to archive that you specify here.

Step 6. Enter the file name which you like to use and the location. Then select the option which best fits your needs below. We suggest that it’s always ideal to archive emails on another hard drive or even DVD or CD, just in case your computer malfunctions and you cannot retrieve your data.

Step 7. Finally, you can click Finish.

Step 8. You will have now a duplicate of your old and previous emails, and you can go ahead. You can utilize the Advanced Find Function to remove those emails. Just enter the similar criteria as you employed throughout the archive emails process.

Retrieving Your Files

However, if you prefer to retrieve your old emails, feel free to follow these simple steps below.

Step 1. Choose File – Open – Outlook Data File.

Step 2. Now search the exact file which you archived and choose OK.

Step 3. You will now see that you have a new Mailbox in the All Mail Folders area along with the filename of your archive emails.

You can now check and view all your past emails which you archived.

Archive Emails as Easy as 1, 2 and 3!

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In case you didn’t know yet, Personal Mail Archiver is a wonderful app for saving your email messages. Are you planning to switch to MAC? Perhaps you are considering a new job. What about changing computers? There’s no need to worry!

With this software, you won’t experience a headache with their cloud-based system. There’s no need for those difficult proprietary formats. With Personal Email Archive, you can easily archive emails outside your email system via the app! You can gain peace of mind with PDF copies of your important bookings, receipts, bills, and messages.

Check this app today at https://personal-mail-archiver.com.

Clothing Stores You’d Never Knew Had College Student Discounts

student clothes discount

Are you looking for clothing stores where you can avail discounts? As a college student, the struggle is very real when we talk about the money. Hence, it is very hard for you to purchase the stuff you really need, particularly new clothes. After all, you should get some sort of discount after paying so much for your school!

However, fret no more! In this post, we will provide you with top clothing stores that offer a discount to college students. Are you now ready? Let’s dive in!

  • TurboTax

TurboTax for college students: If you’re a student and attended at least one course last year, you might qualify for significant student tax breaks.”

“Lucky for you, TurboTax specializes in helping students get their maximum tax refund. We have a great student discount, or for students with simple taxes, you might even be able to file free!”


This sought-after store offers 5% cash back on all purchases along with a student discount. All you need to do is to sign up for StudentRate.com, and you’ll receive free shipping with any purchase worth more than $50. Isn’t that amazing?



Dockers is an online store, but once you sign up for them, college students receive a 20% discount instantly!



This store has many branches all around the country. If you want that internship look, this store will get you that along with a 15% student discount!


  • CREW

This unique and classic accessory, shoe, and clothing store will offer college student quirky looks all year round with a 15 percent discount.



Catered for women only, Ann Taylor is a clothing store that offers female college students with 15% student discount.



What’s more, Topshop is a store which features some of the best women’s fashion trend and even features Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s swim collection. So, if you are into that, grab your college student ID and go to their store to receive 10% off online and in stores.



The Banana Republic offers 15% college student discount on full-priced purchases.



Get a 15% discount off full-priced products every time you shop in a Kate Spade store.



In this store, college students aren’t only the ones who are privileged with 15% discounts. Teachers also can take advantage of their 15% off in-store purchases.

  • H&M

Take advantage of all the trendy and sophisticated accessories, shoes, and clothing your wardrobe can hold at H&M’s 15% discount.



Whether you shop online or in-store, Club Monaco will offer you 15% off on both sale-price and full-price purchase.



Shop and purchase at Boohoo and take advantage of their 10% full-priced or off sale items.


  • LEVI’S

If you want to receive discounts from this sought-after clothing brand, all you need to do is to sign up with email, and you will get free shipping and a 20% off on your first online order. But wait, there’s more! You’ll also get a 15% discount after that. What do you think?



All your pre-med university out there can receive 15 percent discount scrubs along with college student discount by Medelita.


  • TOMS

Want to change that old pair of shoes of yours for a discounted price? Steve Madden offers 10 percent cash back on shoes, and for each pair you purchase will be given to a kid in need. You don’t only get discounts; you’ve also helped someone with your purchase.

With this stores that offers college student discount, you can surely get brand new items which doesn’t break your bank. What are you waiting for? Shop now!

CFA Program exam – Level I

This is the first step in a three part series which enables you to get the most respected investments related qualification in the world. While there are many competing qualifications for every profession (e.g. national level professional bodies for accountants and doctors), there is only one for Financial analyst/Investment profession. UK, Canada, China and every other country’s investment profession is dominated by the same one certification i.e. CFA Program offered by CFA Institute, USA. You can learn more about the program by visiting website of FinQuiz – Approved Prep Provider by CFA Institute.

Fees for Level 1

A one time enrollment fee of $450. Exam fee is approximately $650 for each exam level. Total cost comes to $2400 ($450 + (3x$650)). This makes it far cheaper than any MBA program. On top of this, you can continue to work and earn while studying for CFA Program. Note: Above mentioned fees assume that you register on earliest registration deadlines as fees increase 30-50% as exam approaches. Many candidates mention the low cost and the freedom to continue to work as big factor in their decision to opt for CFA Program.


You register online on the website of CFA Institute. Level I exam is offered twice a year – June and December; and candidates are expected to register about eight months before the exam.

CFA Exam Registration document requirement:

Candidates register by providing details of their passport which should be valid on the exam day.

Exam test centers

CFA Institute conducts exam in test centers across many states and many countries in the world. You can change test center location after the registration by filling out a simple form and submitting it to CFA Institute.

Exam dates

Exam is conducted on first Saturday of June and December. There are few exception to this. Exam is conducted on first Sunday in Asia Pacific region for candidates of exam level 1. Religious alternate days are also available.


CFA Program curriculum for exam level 1 has ten topics. These include financial statement analysis, corporate finance, portfolio management, equity investments, fixed income investments, derivatives, alternative investments, quantitative methods, economics and ethics. Not all ten topics have equal weights. Some topics are tested with more questions than others. For example: Ethics. Candidates with prior backgrounds in business are able to immediately recognize familiar topics like NPV, IRR, GAAP and Dividend discount model etc.


You need to have sixteen years of education to register for CFA Program. OR Four years of full-time work experience (in any field). OR Fourteen years of education plus two years of full-time work experience.

Study material

CFA Institute provides you with curriculum (around six books of 300 pages each for exam level 1). Candidates get access to practice questions and mock exam as well. Past exam papers for levels I and II are not released by the Institute. CFA Institute has approved few commercial third-party prep providers. The list includes names as Wiley, Kaplan, Bloomberg, Fitch Learning, PWC Academy.

Why CFA Program exam is so popular?

There are quite a few reasons for world wide popularity of the program.

Nature of work of financial analysts

Financial analysis work is more suitable for self study learning because it does not involve large teams. A single person with access to electronic research tools and software can do the work. Work is more like of a technician or craftsman and does not involve organization of large number of resources. There is little need for university style learning environment The work requires basic understanding of few subjects and detailed of others. Reading books without need for professor guided assignments and projects gives you all the knowledge needed.

Lack of national standards

Unlike accountants and doctors, financial analyst operate without any national level work standards. This allows presence of a single global certification. Also, global nature of banking allows and sometime requires frequent relocation of human resource. Having one global certification makes every ones life easier.

Dynamic nature of curriculum

CFA Institute updates curriculum every year based on feedback from professionals. This results in additions and deletion of chapters every year. Text book style learning material – which is revised once a decade or so cannot work in financial analysis profession.

The Best Productivity Tips for Students

Student years often come to young people with a sweet flavour of freedom mingled with awakening responsibility for your own future. We realize that a good rest is as important as good studies, but to have enough time for it without compromising your studies, you should manage your time in the right way.

The major key to doing it most effectively is increasing your productivity. The proper balance of rest, socializing, and studies will guarantee you the best grades.

You can approach your efficiency from various points of view, that’s why you should not only know the practical tricks to make the progress in your studies hassle-free, but also be aware of certain psychological techniques, which will help you get into the frame of mind necessary for gaining success. Let’s see into some of them in more detail.

1. Take care of your working environment.

You should have comfortable furniture: a chair, which will not make you back ache and a desk having enough space for all your studying materials and stationery, by the way, buy good stationery and you’ll add up pleasure to your educational process. Keep your working space organized and tidy, your thoughts will also be then better organized.

2. Get rid of distractions.

No matter if you live at home or on campus, tell your immediate ones that you need some peace and quiet while working on the educational tasks you’ve got. Lock yourself away with a door and ask your family or fellow students to minimize noise.

Classical music may serve you a shield from the surrounding world, besides, it’s believed to increase productivity, they say Mozart can even make you smarter. Stay away from social networks and switch off your phone. The temptation to check both your phone and your social accounts will be great, especially when you just start the attempts to discipline yourself in the fight for higher productivity.

3. Get organized.

Every student has a busy schedule, to make the most of it and to keep track of all your assignments and their deadlines, get a to-do list for yourself. Avoid ambiguity, your tasks should be specific, accurate and properly worded. You can choose whatever form is convenient for you: a whiteboard, some app, a planner, whatever.

Nevertheless, make sure your deadlines and plans are realistic. Distribute your tasks in advance and try to make your working load reasonable every day. It makes sense to concentrate on the difficult time-consuming tasks in the first turn. Fulfill them in your personal golden hours, when you have the most energy and can concentrate best.

Later you will be able to quickly cope with smaller and easier assignments. You should also remember that multitasking brings your productivity down, so having some serious task, you should concentrate on it and do your best to cope with it in a session or two. I guess, the best thing in having a to-do list is the possibility to tick off the points fulfilled and get the incomparable feeling of satisfaction with it.

4. Manage your time.

Time management can by right be called the major aspect of productivity increase. Master the skills of effective time management and you half of the way to success. Set a studying schedule for yourself and stick as closer to it as possible.

Don’t overload yourself with complicated and time-consuming tasks, break the tasks into smaller chunks. It will be easier to cope with them stage by stage. You should not devote more than two hours to any task you have, that’s why you should split them. Keep in mind that breaks are important, plan them as well.

Say no to procrastinating, it’s not easy, but for your own sake learn to cope with your assignments according to a plan made in advance and a bit earlier than the deadline. In such a way you’ll allow some additional time for the unexpected delays in your work and will have some extra time for papers revision.

5. Adopt healthy habits.

The secret of good productivity is not only proper time management and planning but a healthy lifestyle as well. Physiological basics of high productivity should not be underestimated. Your nutrition should be healthy and providing you with a proper amount of energy throughout a day.

Porridge for breakfast, fresh or dried fruit as snacks, vegetables for dinner and fresh juice along with super-foods for your brain, like blueberries or fish, will make you cheerful and full of energy for your studies.

Keep in mind that crisps, chocolate, and coffee are not good snacks, in the long run, they have only short-term energizing effect, damaging your health more than supporting it. Remember about the necessity to drink enough water, in such a way you will avoid headaches and sluggish states.

Maybe you do not need 8 hours of sleep sharp, but make sure you sleep enough, get rid of the habit to study late hours and give enough rest to your body and mind.

Devote some time daily to physical activity, exercising supplies your brain with oxygen, releases endorphins and get your heart pumping. 20 minutes a day can be enough to boost your productivity and to keep shape, one hour will even be better, find the best option for you personally and take this time from your busy schedule for your perfect results in sports, healthy lifestyle and studies.

6. Psychological tricks.

The last, but not the least point to be mentioned is the psychological aspect of improving productivity. Adopt positive attitude to life and studies, in particular, taking a genuine interest in what you are studying along with the expectation of favourable outcomes from your work, will help you to stay motivated most of the time.

Study when you should study, exercise when you have scheduled to, rest when you have to rest and stick to the routine, it will help your brain adapt to a set regime and increase your productivity at certain hours.

Thus you will become more productive and able to study with less effort, getting into the right frame of mind at the hours presupposed for studies. Arrange research sessions with your fellow students, it will decrease each one’s personal burden allowing to study from one another, share and compare notes, and stay motivated.

Do not forget to reward yourself, it may be simply a glass or fresh or a nut snack at the end of the chapter, nevertheless, it will make you expect something pleasant and preserve positive attitude towards the whole process of studies.

We do hope that our advice will be useful to you as a young student and will help you to enhance your productivity by adopting healthy habits, positive mental attitude, and right time management skills. In return, you will be rewarded not only with excellent grades but with a good health and enough time for rest, entertainment and personal life.

Why Does Essay Typer From Essay Bot Stand Out From The Competition?

Essay writing has become a growing industry in the U.S. and other countries around the world. Every day, there are pop-ups of new writing sites online, and students will never encounter some trouble to meet the deadline. Aside from a fast process, there are other reasons why many people are dependent on these companies.

Among the benefits are an easy compilation of assignments, proper formatting, ideal in-text citation referencing, extraction of relevant texts from many sources, and many more. Also, users don’t need to browse websites to look for the source that perfectly fit their topics. Plus, an essay typer has a user-friendly and straightforward interface. It is not complicated to use but designed to bring experience up to the high level.

Closeup of a young guy working on a laptop indoor

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  • Extremely high-quality and low prices. Because of the demand from the public, essay typer companies make their services expensive. At Essay Bot, our solutions are available at an affordable and fair cost. It will never break your bank while increasing your chance to receive a high-quality output.


  • Ongoing and extensive support. Writing with the use of an essay typer is simple. But, if this is your first time using the online service, your experience will be stressful. At Essay Bot, you can contact us any time of the day to accommodate your problems and queries. As with World.edu and other trusted content specialists in the industry, we will never leave you until you get what you deserve.

For further details about the essay typer, please do not hesitate to go to www.essaybot.com/?ref=worldedu. Essay Bot has developed our writing tools for your satisfaction!

Top 10 Popular Country Music Videos on YouTube

Country music video is a style of the present mainstream music, which extraordinarily separates from pop, rap, Jazz, shake, or other great music frames. It comprises of different kinds music like cattle rustler music, Western swing, country music, Honkuyu-Tonk et cetera. The nation vocalists dependably give each melody its own identity and mentality while performing on the stage.

Of course, as a devoted and loyal country music lover, you may take an unmistakable fascination in nation’s most sultry stars, for example, Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean and so forth and some of you may want to watch their included music videos.

10 Popular Country Music Videos

#1. It Aint’ Over Yet

The least difficult video on the rundown, Rodney Crowell’s “It Ain’t Over Yet” is an unbelievable execution video, including the three vocalists in the tune in various rooms of a vacant house. It’s wonderfully downplayed and catches a touch of the hidden history amongst Crowell and Cash.

#2. Roots

It’s, in fact, a verse video, yet these days some verse recordings are all the more intriguing that music recordings. “Roots” completes a stunning activity of sourcing old film to play alongside the melody.

#3. I Could Use a Love Song

The shocking video wins for best utilization of common lighting, without a doubt. In any case, don’t watch it in case you’re in some sort of mind set, in light of the fact that the story is agonizingly miserable and horrendously genuine for many individuals. It’s additionally an incredible case of when to embed discourse into your video without influencing it to appear to be cumbersome or clumsy.

#4. Something I’m good at

If you feel free to view the super tragic Maren Morris video above, rapidly change to this adorable, irrefutably fun video from Brett Eldredge.

#5. Drinkin’ Problem

Other than demonstrating to us where Midland got the cash to make their record, the video for “Drinkin’ Problem” is a wonderfully executed return to 80s cinematography, finish with the plenty of zooms and camera development that surpassed the business as innovation permitted it.

#6. Trouble

Another fun story to the detriment of our craftsman, “Trouble” demonstrates how you can, in any case, make an extraordinary video without huge amounts of rigging.

#7. It Ain’t My Fault

The band scarcely shows up in the video by any means, making only a concise appearance toward the start, yet that doesn’t prevent this exceptionally engaging video from being truly outstanding.

#8. Rich and Miserable

Utilizing the gifts of the strikingly underrated John C. McGinley, “Rich and Miserable” is effortlessly the most helpful video on the rundown.

#9. No Such Thing as a Broken Heart

It justifies a couple of various perspectives. Additionally, significant props to the editorial manager and the individual accountable for enhancements, since this most likely took a huge amount of work.

#10. Craving You

It’s a little unexpected that Maren Morris gets a greater part in the video than in the tune, however, this is only an out and out marvellous, high-spending video.

Do you want to hear all these top country songs all day? Then, use InsTube to download country music videos from YouTube.


Why Use InsTube Downloader to Save the Country Music

  • Free download with a clean interface.
  • Download music or videos from 100+ destinations.
  • HD, Full HD or 4K resolutions supported.
  • With 10X speed to download video or
  • Worked in video locker to secure your privacy.



With InsTube YouTube Downloader, you would now be able to make the most of your main tunes and videos with no requirement for a web connection. Downloading country music videos from YouTube is not a problem anymore.

Selecting a private school to send your child

Throughout the past few years, it has become a trend in India to provide private school education for the students. Most of the parents tend to do it because it has become a trend. Instead of just following the trend, it is important for you to understand the facts and determine whether private school education is more appropriate for your kid or not. In the meantime, you need to take a look at the best schools available in India as well, so that you can figure out the best option available to provide a quality education to your child.

Why do you need to go ahead with private education?

As the first thing, you must understand why you need to go ahead with private education. Several reasons are behind the above mentioned fact. Some parents prefer to send their children to the private schools because of religion and moral values. On the other hand, some parents believe that private schools are capable of providing a better quality education. That’s mainly because there are small classes in the private schools and the children who attend them are provided with more attention from the teachers.

No matter what reason you are sending your kid to a private school, you need to have a clear idea about the education priorities. Academics are more important than the religion. On the other hand, the religion is important when compared to the extra-curricular activities offered at the school. Hence, you need to keep these priorities in your mind and then go for the best private education that you can wish for.

Tips to consider when selecting a private school in India

The below mentioned tips will provide an excellent assistance to you while you are selecting a private school in India to send your child. They can provide a tremendous assistance to you with enhancing the future of your child with a quality education.

  1. Accreditation of the school – First of all, you need to pay attention towards the accreditation of the school. You are encouraged to send your child only to the accredited educational institutes out there in India.
  2. Instruction model – The instruction model differs from one school to another. Therefore, you need to pay special attention towards the instruction model and make sure that it matches with your expectations.
  3. Finances – You should never ignore the school fees as well. You will have to pay to the private school to provide the education to your child. Hence, the fee of the school should be an affordable one for you.
  4. Service staff – You should also understand what kind of a service staff the school has. For example, it is better if you can send your child to a school that has a counselor and a psychologist. In addition, you need to see whether there are librarians and lab assistants at the school. Then you can provide a top notch educational experience to the child.

Tips for Landing Your First Digital Marketing Job

It is not easy for anyone to look for their first digital marketing jobs. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the field of marketing or a fresh graduate. It seems like every company wants someone who has experience. So how do you acquire that experience without actually having a job? You are likely competing against many hopefuls who have finished internships and obtained excellent grades, but there are easy ways you can yourself set apart from the rest. Below are some useful tips for getting your first digital marketing job.

  • Getting Experience in Advertising

Acquiring experience in Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising may take time, but it is useful. If you can afford, try to practice Google AdWords for a family business or your professional offering. Just keep in mind that there is a delicate balance between expensing all your resources learning and becoming a true FB advertising or AdWords with real brand experience. You have to learn from online tutorial first, afterward try to practice in any way that you can.

  • Know Everything You Can

The digital advertising business is about skills and knowledge. Advertisers should gain experience in their area, but they also should respect the reality that best practices in marketing are always changing. What works today may not work tomorrow.

  • Take Low Paying Trainee Job or Offer your Labor for Free

Almost everyone has to begin at the bottom. You may not currently have the knowledge that your dream career requires. Instead of expensing your time looking for a high-level position or high-salary, structure your finance so you can offer your work for free for a limited time, like for instance 30 days. You can also apply for an entry-level position or internship. This will give you a chance to get a good recommendation once you perform the job very well.

  • Create a Blog

If you do not have a site or a blog, it is a smart way to begin building your reputation as a professional digital marketer. These days, anyone can make a website with basic technical knowledge. A site will also let you practice your social media, SEO, design, as well as overall advertising skills. You do not need to be a professional to begin writing, either. All you need to do is to take the time researching on some topics, and this will serve as your starting point.

Job Seeker Guides

Once you have nailed the necessary expertise, experience, and skills required, it is time to enhance your presence online and nurture a professional frame of mind that is certain to set you apart from the rest.

  • Rethink Email Add

Potential clients and recruiters will judge an applicant based on his email address. It is human nature. Make an account that is based around your name.

Leave inappropriate references out of your email add and avoid including numbers. Use Gmail to make an email address quickly.

  • Optimize Linkedin Presence

You need to focus on Linkedin. Ensure you have as many recommendations as possible, fill out your Linkedin profile. In case you don’t have experience in a digital marketing job, don’t forget to list your volunteer experiences. Add any academic or professional connections you have made, and alter your headline. Showcase any marketing or writing job you have done in your portfolio. If you are a fresh graduate and received awards, don’t forget to include them as well.

Proactively Apply for a Job

Apply for a job even when you are not a perfect fit. Entry level digital marketing jobs include marketing coordinator and marketing specialist.  Start here for fantastic research. Search for a job via websites. Ensure your application paper is on these websites to get discovered by recruiters, but be aware of spam, marketing intern and coordinator types of jobs. When applying for a job, integrate a personalized message in your cover letter. This should include your qualifications, skills as well as interest in the position.

Getting through Your Individual Voluntary Agreement Process

Going through insolvency processes is extremely challenging without the Individual Voluntary Agreement. This legal tool allows an insolvent to handle their arrears in a structured way so that there is no need to file for bankruptcy. The Individual Voluntary Agreement is a way to pay off debts in a manageable time frame as well as time limit. Anyone who is able to maintain the payments for these debts successfully for an agreed period of time can have the remainder of the debt forgiven. So what are the steps to complete the process of completing an Individual Voluntary Agreement’s terms? This website would provide more info.

Steps to Follow

  • Get yourself some legal advice.

Just googling what an IVA is the first step of starting the process. However, it is prudent to retain the services of a legal professional specifically one who has some experience with insolvency cases. This is because the agreement is a legally binding promise to pay off one’s debts. This advice should help you know whether or not you are actually suitable for the Individual Voluntary Agreement.

  • Find an insolvency practitioner.

Once you determine whether or not you are suitable for an IVA, you should get an insolvency practitioner to help you through the process. The insolvency practitioner refers to an individual who is legally allowed to work in insolvency processes related to debtors. These individuals must be licensed professional whose only focus is to act as the intermediary between the creditors and the insolvents. They may be liquidators, accountants or even lawyers by profession aside from being insolvency practitioners.

  • Make your best offer!

It is crucial to make your very best offer to your creditors. Creditors are not legally required to accept your Individual Voluntary Agreement. This is basically a plea to the creditors to allow the debtor to slowly pay off their debts over a period of time. Therefore, making your best offer is the only way to get your creditors to accept your terms and conditions.

  • Go through the process.

The process involves making your offer through the insolvency practitioners. The document is presented to the group of creditors for perusal. There is then a vote on whether or not to accept the agreement among the creditors so that if at least 75% agree, then the proposal is accepted although some alterations may selected. Once you receive the feedback from your practitioner, make the agreement legal. Your creditor becomes a supervisor for your IVA agreement.

  • Pay your dues!

Of course, you must now pay the money you owe. You are legally required to hand over the required money to your insolvency practitioner who will then disseminate the funds among your creditors. You have to ensure that you maintain your payments in a timely manner so as not to suffer through any further financial punishment.

  • Be patient.

Patience is the key in this process given that it is a long term process lasting over five years. At the end of this however, the debt can finally be forgiven!