How artificial intelligence is changing cyber security

With over more than 15 percent of businesses using artificial intelligence, it has become a matter of discussion whether the use of AI is good or bad. The first use of artificial intelligence can be tracked back to 1950. In the recent years artificial intelligence has undergone a lot of growth and some people are fearing that it might affect human life negatively. But the fact is there is nothing like evil artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is all good and how you train it will determine how it performs.

Effect of artificial intelligence in cyber security positively

Artificial intelligence is now being used in healthcare, education, manufacturing and cybersecurity. In today’s world, cyber security is the main concern because every organization uses internet and anything that uses internet is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Governments of different countries are also adapting the use artificial intelligence especially in threat detection. There are a lot of insecurity in modern world and governments are using artificial intelligence to detect terrorist threats before they happen.

Many cyber attackers are using artificial intelligence and so every organization needs this powerful weapon to deal with trespassers and cyber attackers. The AI will detect the threat and deal with it without requiring any assistance from any human being. This makes your data safer than ever. That is why many companies are investing heavily for Artificial Intelligence.

artificial intelligence

An artificial intelligence can protect your data even when there is a series of attacks. Unlike use of traditional cybersecurity methods, artificial intelligence detects the threat very fast and make a decision on how to respond.

The other field of cybersecurity artificial intelligence has affected is password protection. Passwords are very vulnerable and most of the passwords are available in the dark web. Traditionally it was very easy for cyber attackers to crack your password and access your personal information. But with the use of artificial intelligence things have changed a lot. Artificial intelligence comes along with more secure ways of protecting your data like the use of biometric logins. An artificial intelligence can detect physical features like retina, palm, and fingerprint scans. This makes a lot of systems more secure because there is no cracking fingerprints or retina.

Effect of artificial intelligence in cyber security negatively

As we have already established, there is no evil artificial intelligence. Even though there is no evil AI it does not mean that artificial intelligence cannot be used to commit crimes. As much as artificial intelligence is meant to do good there are still some people who misuse it and commit crimes using artificial intelligence. People with bad intentions are using artificial intelligence to break through security systems of many organizations. If your organization is using traditional cyber security systems, then it will be a victim of these “black” hackers. Some of these hackers are too good that they can use artificial intelligence to break through your security even if you are also using an artificial intelligence.

Benefits of artificial intelligence in cyber security

  • Artificial intelligence boosts the scale of resistance. When you use AI for your cybersecurity it will increase the scale of resistance when there is an ongoing attack. If your organization uses traditional methods of cybersecurity the possibility of your engineers being defeated is very high. The cyber attackers will take whatever information they want, and your company will be left vulnerable. Artificial intelligence makes sure that you avoid all that.
  • Threat detection is easier. An artificial intelligence can go through large volumes of data in few minutes and list all the threats detected. After detecting the threats an artificial intelligence usually responds to it immediately.
  • Makes plotting an effective strategy against threats easier. Artificial intelligence is usually set-up in real-time response to any threats. It is designed to change the nature of the attack and this allows you to formulate an effective strategy to deal with the threat and plan for future attacks.


Artificial intelligence has added a lot of value to cybersecurity. It has made protection of data easy because of its advanced security measures like biometric logins and counter attacking threats as soon as they are detected. On the other hand, artificial intelligence on the wrong hands can be used to break in through any security system. Use of artificial intelligence has many benefits and every organization should use artificial intelligence for maximum protection of data.

You can read more details about intrusion detection system.

How Vegan Protein Bar Is Good For Your Body

Most people today have a habit of settling for junks immediately after exercise, work or an activity because they think it is natural to get something light, though the latter is true because we surely have to settle for something light but the question is “Is it a healthy choice?”

To help you answer this question, you must pay very keen attention to this article on Vegan protein bar. Vegan Protein bar is the go-to-meet source of protein if you are looking for a handy, easily available and accessible food. A vegan protein bar is made with special attention for the healthiness of the body. Why should a vegan protein bar be your first choice every time?

Vegan Protein Bar

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Rich Health benefits

Protein is not just any component among the classes of food but an essential one at that, As such, we want to make sure we don’t just eat for the sake of filling our empty belly and quenching our hunger but with special attention paid to the nutrients contained in the food we eat. Protein helps for healthy functioning of the body which makes it the more important for it to be contained in our daily diet as the deficiency is very harmful.

Vegan protein bar contains the right quantity of protein designed for your health; it is gluten-free which ensures that everyone allergic to gluten because of the harm that might be associated with it could always afford to buy. It also nourishes the skin making it smooth daily


People have recently developed a knack for tasty things because the sweet part of our tongue dominates but I wish the same could be said about some of the protein food we take, the manufacturers have been so hasty that they forget to make the food moderately tasty. Vegan protein bar is here to make a difference and to announce to the world that protein-giving foods can also be tasty. It has been made to suit your taste irrespective of race, age or personality.

Allinone nutrients

Protein gets better when laced with other nutrients and this is not strange in relation to vegan protein bar because it is very natural. No synthetic processing or addition of ingredients is included; this makes it more useful not to mention the fact that the primary root of vegan protein are sticky dried fruits which are a good source of minerals and sugar.


The vegan protein bar is made naturally from plant sources with no impurities that might be contained in meat, this plant source contains all kind of proteins as against the unfair belief that vegan protein bar does not have all the complete types of protein.


The vegan protein bar is the missing snack you have been yearning for all this while. Protein contains amino acids that help to build the muscle, repair the worn outs and make your muscle strong so there is no need worrying about getting back in shape after hitting the gym, just make vegan protein bar your daily choice of snacks after your sporting activity.

Easily digestible

There are lots of packaged food appealing to the eye but displeasing to the stomach but that is never related to vegan protein bar, it is a snack that allows for easy digestion and metabolism; the latter is a process that ensures all proteins are digested and that they are duly utilized, a process that ensures for the burning of calories and reduction of the fat content in the body.

Healthy Heart

It pleases me to let you know that vegan protein consumption can help reduce the risk of heart failures, most of the food we consume immediately after any activity should be watched because they contribute to a strong or weak heart

Nevertheless, Vegan protein is a great choice because it contains all the nutrients required for a stronger heart, make it your daily snack and say goodbye to any fear of heart failure in the future.

A vegan protein bar is the outright choice for building and nourishing your body and am sure this overview above is the truth you have been searching for especially if you have been on the lookout for an alternative source of protein different from the animal source. I hope this article goes a long way to help you and your quest towards building a healthier body.

Top High-Quality Diving Masks

Choosing a mask is key to having the best dive experience possible. There are a number of great dive masks available on the market today so let’s take a closer look at a few.

Let’s explore the high-quality masks and their benefits along with other interesting facts.



Dive masks from Scubapro to suit all your scuba needs, whether you want low-volume, full face, single or double lens or even prescription lens masks we have them all. Allowing you to see clearly underwater with ease & provide eye protection when diving.

The Crystal Vu mask by Scubapro is a three panel design which allows for maximum light absorbtion and field of vision. The Crystal Vu is perfect when diving in a group and you need to be aware of other divers around you. It’s essential to look after your eyes and Scubapro are well renowned for making some of the best masks on the market. With the Crystal Vu you make best use of this key human sense.

Available in multiple colour options to suit all your other gear. The silicone skirt comes in either solid black or transparent. This high quality skirt tapers at its edges to a fine layer which sits snugly against your face. This high level of comfort will keep you fresh for as long as you can dive. The Scubapro Crystal Vu diving mask is made to Scubapro’s exacting high standards and is a perfect choice for those looking for a wide field of vision whilst diving.

Mares i3 Mask

Designed to be comfortable and practical, the Mares i3 mask is a great all-rounder. Crafted with comfort in mind, the mask has a silicone skirt which works well to create an effective seal around the face while being flexible enough to not be too restricting. The X-shaped silicone strap on the mask helps add to this comfort, providing a strap which fits on the head well and is easily adjustable thanks to its silicone composition.

The mask is also built with practicality in mind. Coming with small ribs around the nose, these work to relieve the pressure on the face to make sure the mask never feels too tight. The single window design is curved to allow for a great peripheral vision as well as all round field of view. This mask also comes in a sunrise version which is designed to fit more comfortably for those with wider faces.

TUSA Freedom Ceos Mask

The Tusa Freedom Ceos Dive Mask is Tusa’s most popular scuba diving mask here at Deep Blue Dive and with such a full feature list it’s not hard to see why. The Freedom Ceos Mask has the Freedom Technology that sets Tusa masks apart when it comes to comfortable fitting on your face – the combination of a dimpled skirt, varied silicone thickness and stability ridges on the cheek area makes a massive difference compared to many traditional dive masks.

The Freedom Ceos also accepts Tusa’s MC-7500 Corrective Lenses so if you wear glasses of a fairly standard prescription then you can have the corrective lenses fitted so you don’t suffer any lack of clarity when you’re diving. At Deep Blue this is our most popular Tusa dive mask and we would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a supremely comfortable low profile dive mask.

The Most Important To Known Facts about Passing the CPA Exam

The CPA or Certified Public Accounting exam isn’t your typical exam as it focuses on many critical skills which are needed for future public accountants to have. If you are on the path of gaining your CPA then these important to know facts about passing the CPA exams will be of great use.

When Should One Take the Exam!

It is recommended to sit now for the exam and pass at least on one section of the current CPA Exam. One should take FAR as it covers more topics. The exam is intensive which is why it is a great idea to focus on the exam early on. The FAR Exam tests all major basic concepts which you will need to know when you sit for other parts of the CPA Exam. Hence, one should study for the FAR early and gain a body of knowledge which will help them out later on.


Set an Exam Schedule & Stick to It

Every CPA student knows the importance of setting an exam schedule and sticking to it. It helps them finish the exam on time and will help them figure out what they need to do in order to keep on track.

One Must Get a Review Course

A review course is required which is why it is necessary for students to get a review course. It is nearly impossible to clear your CPA Exam alone without the help of any study materials as you have no idea of that you need to do. Therefore, make sure to get a review course in hand from day one to be on the right path.

Keep it to yourself

Just about every CPA student would agree that telling anyone whether your friends or family about sitting for the CPA Exams is a bad idea as everyone would want to get involved. Keep it to yourself when you consider sitting for the CPA Exams as it will save you from the extra pressure which people will place on your shoulders and it can get quite annoying when people keep asking how your exam went when you are unsure yourself.

Don’t Make the Mistake of Only Using the Multiple Choice Questions for Studying

It is important for you to use the entire CPA Review course material and not just the multiple choice questions because as you progress the number of multiple-choice questions would only decrease and if you do not have the proper knowledge of the material then it will be harder for you to pass the exams. Therefore, don’t just study for the CPA Exams using multiple choice questions.

Find out what your Best Time is for Studying

Another thing which is important for CPA students is for them to find out which time of the day is most effective for them. It doesn’t matter if they are a morning person or night person. They just need to find out which time is the best for them and to study during that time.

Top Functions of a Private Investigator

Private investigators serve a very distinct and important role from that of lawyers. Given the wide range of services that private investigators provide, many lawyers keep them contract with them frequently or keep them on retainer.

When you hire a private investigator Chester, here are some of the services they can offer you:

  1. Locating People

There are times when a lawyer may need to find a person to have them served in a lawsuit, serve as a potential witness or find an heir. In other cases, a person may be hiding from prosecution or process servers as a result of misconduct. It is the work of the private investigator to find them. Other times, the private detective may be hired to help reunite family members separated by adoption or a move. They can also be hired to help locate a person so that a lawyer can investigate, interview or serve the person.

  1. Reviewing Electronic Evidence

Today, most data is stored in some form of electronic format. The electronic evidence in a case may make or break it. A private investigator can recover electronic files even if they have been deleted by the user. They can review emails, documents, voice files and audio files of a target of an investigation. They can do this for both lawsuit investigations and internal investigation.

internal investigation

  1. Locating Property

Other times, a private detective may be hired to locate a property. A business partner or spouse may be hiding assets preventing the other person from receiving the percentage they are entitled to. In other cases, a lawyer may want to garnish an individual’s salary or bank account or take hold of property to satisfy a judgment.

A private investigator may be able to search for special databases so as to find valuable assets. These may include offshore bank accounts, aircraft registrations, domestic bank accounts, real property, and any other assets.

  1. Monitoring Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is often the most valuable form of property that helps in protecting a person’s copyright, trademark or other such property. Private detectives can assess if a person’s patent is being violated so that the inventor can ensure that they are not losing value.

  1. Preparing for Cross-Examination

A private investigator can help prepare for cross-examination. They can review the background of a witness in order to use this information to overrule his or her testimony during a trial. They can also review the background of the client allowing him to identify any weaknesses before the trial. This allows him or her to adequately prepare for them.

  1. History-Reconstruction

A private detective can often provide important intelligence in a case. He or she interviews a witness, analyze documents and carry out other investigative methods to help reconstruct the background and history of a case. The history may be a corporate history involving the foundation of a business. It can involve the acquisition of property involved in a marriage or business. It can also be involving a chain of titles in a real estate case. Private investigators are skilled at identifying witnesses, documents and facts that are important to a particular case.

  1. Investigating the Other Party

If the other party is not necessarily an adversary, a private investigator can carry out a background check. This gives the lawyer a better idea of who the person is and if they can be associated with any potential risks. This technique is commonly used in cases that require due diligence.

  1. Investigating the Adversary

Through surveillance and use of other investigative techniques, a private investigator can look into the opponent’s background and current activities. They can reveal the history and mannerisms of an opponent and inform the lawyer about the adversary’s likely next move. The lawyer used this information to develop an effective strategy to combat the likely next move.

  1. Support Claims

A private detective can review documents, conduct surveillance, analyze evidence and interview witnesses in order to submit a claim. The information may be shared during dialogues with the insurance company.