4 Reasons Why Always Radio Is Preferred Over Media Players

Live radio players have lasted a decade more than any other means of listening to music, from its peak regime days of the 80s and 90s, where radio players were seen in every other movie or show either on the car or separate radio players, radio was shown as the cool back then. To today’s era, when such advanced and new devices like Alexa, and apps like Spotify have been introduced, radio still tops the chart in America in terms of the most common way to discover new music, according to Nielsen, a data analytics company announced in their annual music 360 report, which has been just released. The Radio All Dimensions Audience Research has also stated that since 1970, the percentage of people aging 12 and more listening, every week, to broadcast radio has remained steady. Which shows that radio is still alive, while the government seems to be saying that the radio days are long dead, dead and dusted.

Live radio

It may be the case that terrestrial radio days have certainly died. And so are car radio times, as people don’t seem to be blasting music on radio players in their cars because of built-in tapes in vehicles and mobile apps which are directly connected to the tape and stored music is at your service at all times. While the Internet has changed the course of living, it sure has left the radio days behind, but not entirely. In place of it, live streaming of radio over the internet has gained popularity amongst the millennials, as the internet is the most easily accessible commodity to them. One way or the other, radio has lived through the decades to present times.

Reasons Why Radio Is Still Better Than Media Players

Even with the new media players or now even more advanced music downloading apps like Spotify, Apple music, and tons of others. Radio has been able to live to all these times because of the reason. Which Larry Miller, director of the music business programme at New York University, likes to describe as “with such wide choice of music on hand at all times has led to the tyranny of choice for some people, as some academics and analysts like to call it.” Which means with all the music available at all times, people still don’t know how and where to discover new music from, like back in radio days, which will help them if not the radio? What’s the latest good music, head back to the radio and discover yourself.

Internet, however being easily accessible to the entire globe, some parts of the world still does not have such easy and free access to the Internet. It is these parts of the world which have still kept the radio days alive, like China, Egypt, Iran, India, Pakistan and Africa, and many others. The Internet is not as free to some parts of the world like these as to the others, which means not as easy access to apps like Spotify Apple Music for the middle to lower class of these countries, which has favored the prolonged period of live radio players. As in these parts of the world, live radio is still listened to daily widely, by the people who cannot afford the internet.

Radio still has preference over the new and advanced media players because of the cost of using it. People who cannot afford to enjoy the facility of free internet or free music sites still prefers radio as a free means of entertainment like always, which it still is.

Some people still prefer radio players over media players because radio players are not only confined to music. They reach a wide range of entertainment departments like talk shows and sport or news updates. While music players only offer music entertainment to its users.

People have been listening to radio shows and following them from the start of time, while a lot of other media player apps have changed the course of music playing, people still prefer to follow their podcasts and talk shows they have been following from a long time, which glues them to radio players as well.

Floodplain Manager Newsletter Now Available to the Public

Floodplain Management is a dynamic set of actions and strategies which lessen flood risk as well as restore, improve and maintain the natural functions and resources of floodplains.

Floodplain Manager is a publication produced by Steven Molino, a director of Molino Stewart, which promotes the development of ideas and tools for efficient flood management programs in Australia and throughout the world. It began it’s life way back in 2005 as a private newsletter distributed to a select no of Australian Floodplain Managers, and is now for the first time ever available publicly on a blog via the Molino Stewart website.


Now in it’s 14th year of publication, Floodplain Management is a leading voice in progressing flood safety and the development of economically, environmentally and socially sustainable floodplains. The primary objective of this newsletter is to enhance flood safety and at the same time to maximize floodplain resources using collaboration, effective education, and policy. It also seeks to promote leadership and understanding in floodplain management as well as strong connections with other professionals all over the world.

The publications founder and Editor Steven Molino is considered a world authority on Floodplain Management and natural Disaster planning and response. Floodplain Manager he comments on structural and non-structural flood risk reduction techniques, and shares thoughts on the social, environmental as well as economic benefits of better flood plain management practices.

The Floodplain Management newsletter was created after attending various forums.  According to Steve Molino, the founder & current editor of Floodplain Manager, “After attending several conferences, I was surprised at how little floodplain management professionals from around Australia knew about what was happening outside of their State, let alone around the world.  There was also evidence that scarce funding for flood mitigation initiatives was being used to develop innovative flood mitigation ideas in one state when the same or similar innovations had already been developed and tested elsewhere”.

“There was also evidence that scarce funding for flood mitigation initiatives was being used to develop innovative flood mitigation ideas in one state when the same or similar innovations had already been developed and tested elsewhere.”  

Steven Molino is a leading voice in the industry who calls for Floodplain Management to be done in a pro-active way, not just in response to flood events, with a critical goal of encouraging the application of useful floodplain management ideas and methods through learning, outreach as well as training.

Steven Molino calls for Floodplains Management to be managed and handled in a sustainable way. Policy development and practice, at state, federal and local levels, should reflect integrated, multi-objective methods to handling flood risk, through the informed use of land and natural resources. And it must be reliant on the two-way efforts amongst state and local agencies, stakeholders as well as landowners.

Floodplain management can be considered as a specialist discipline of environmental engineering. Steve Molino publishes Floodplain Manager every month on their web. Please visit the Molino Stewart website to subscribe to floodplain management

The Public Storage Employment Information

There is a career opportunity in Public Storage. This sector runs like an essential service that provides 365 days of service in a year. So, anyone that wants to make a career out of the sector should be prepared to work through a flexible schedule throughout the working career. The predominant criteria to get employed in the sector is hard work on the part of the employee and a strong communication skill which is needed to please the customers. Those that have previous experience will have the edge in an interview over those that do not have experience working in the sector.

Public Storage Employment Information

Must-Have Qualities For Candidates During Interview

For any candidate to get into public storage Portland as a staff; he has to pass through some fireworks during the interview process. Each applicant is expected to exhibit some exceptional communication skills. This is more so since the work to a large extent will involve communicating with each prospect and converting all of them to clients. The competition in the sector is stiff and only the tough gets all the customers at the expense of the rest. The candidate that will get the job ahead of others is the person with strong oratory skills. Taking it on, computer literacy is also a strong factor for anyone that wants to get the job ahead of others. Most of the openings will require advanced software skills. If you have competency in the areas so far mentioned, then you stand a high chance of getting the job ahead of other competitors.

Let us now look at the employment opportunities that every candidate will get from any of the public storage facilities scattered around town. This will prepare prospective applicant to get a feel of where they can possibly fit in before tending their application:

Customer Service Representative

This is the heart of the job in Public Storage. The customer care representative will relate with the customers. They are the image makers of the company. If they perform their duties well, the customers will be retained and business will be better. The walk-in customers will be assisted around the facility. All the terms and conditions of the leases will be explained in a way that will make the customer to have a lasting commitment to the location. All the details of the signing of the agreement; the fees will be given to the would-be customer. Merchandise needed to store property appropriately is expected to be introduced to the customer in a way that will make him patronize the property. Much is expected from the customer care representative; his roles can make or mar the facility.

Administrative Assistance

They are the staff that supports high-level management with the basic operations that concern the outfit. This position requires computer literacy. The position revolves around the computer, a sound knowledge of the computing system is a must. The successful candidate should be a good manager of time and resources. He should possess a smart memory and must be able to adjust to situations quickly. Ability in areas of copying, filing, and answering the phone is mandatory for successful candidates.

Call Center Sales Agent

This is the first point of contact for the customer. The first impression lasts long. Therefore, candidates that will fill this position should have the capacity to handle things in a professional manner. The communication should be one that will impress every customer that comes into the facility. Even after office hours, they will be found at their duty post dictating the pace that will give every customer an impression about the company in a positive light. The call quotas that is set by the production managers should be exceeded by the workers. There is much importance placed on this section. That is the reason why new employees are given on the job training for six weeks which involves one-on-one instruction from trained professionals.


If you want to take employment with public storage Portland, the categories that we have just given above are the areas where interested employees can have themselves fixed up.

Legalized marijuana – a would be trillion dollar industry in the current market

image cannabis

A lot has changed over the past years in the industry of legalized cannabis. There have been discovered many advantages and disadvantages of smoking weed. Ballot system has been used in 10 states to legalize the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes and some have even legalized the recreational use of cannabis. The largest marijuana business news was provided by Canada and California this year. Canada walked to defy the international treaties while California walked to set up the largest legal market for cannabis in the world.

But the global industry is not just limited to these two places. Marijuana business news has been flowing in from multiple corners of the earth, especially for its medical benefits. Though the federal law still classifies marijuana as an illegal drug, the states are walking towards bringing in their own reforms. Marijuana is currently a billion dollar industry that will expand even more in the years to come.

Benefits of medical marijuana

Marijuana has found significant applications in treating a lot of medical conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, insomnia, pain relief, and a lot of other conditions. Having a legal medical license provides easy access to the individuals for medicinal cannabis but its recreational fame is gaining much more importance.

Regulatory approaches

A lot of regulating frameworks are being developed across the states to maintain the usage of marijuana in the current society. But some of the states have also established liberal laws to boost the business even further. But things are yet not enough to lock down the black market and the border fights among the states. This is harming the legal businessmen who are working to make the legal marijuana industry one of the largest grossing industries in the entire market. The business is generating huge revenues and the states have earned billions just over the past couple of years with the federal laws yet to legalize marijuana on a national scale. CBD products have been made available throughout the nation after the legalization of hemp this year. CBD is one of the active components of marijuana that has a lot of health benefits of its own.

The rise of the industry

What is contributing to the steep rise of the industry is the lack of a stated overdose. Unlike alcohol or other drugs, especially the opium-based narcotic products; marijuana has little to no impacts when it comes to health issues. Moreover, it has a lot of health benefits that have contributed to the rising craze of medicinal cannabis usage. Joints, bongs, vapes, and edibles are now being legally sold in many states and have earned quite a recognition. A lot of licensed dispensaries are being set up and a lot of farmers are working to meet up the industry demands. It is expected to turn into a trillion dollar industry soon over the next few years as more countries work to legalize the use of marijuana in their jurisdiction.

A Fun Trip To Barcelona

Going on a tour and landing in Europe, wondering what this trip could bring up for you. First things first, you can be highly confident about the fun you will be having on this trip as Europe holds amazing places to enjoy and what’s more, to it is the famous Barcelona bar tour. The fun-filled city Barcelona offers you the incredible pubs where you can enjoy whole nights. The trip can offer you amazing once in a lifetime experiences. When in Barcelona there are many things to enjoy and get involved in to make the most of your trip. The tour will be the one you would remember forever just make sure to have the best guides who can guide you for the remarkable and astounding trip which could always sit back and think of and just thinking about it gives you the feeling of happiness.


Beautiful city with lively inhabitants

Beautiful Barcelona is a city widely known for being cool, an enjoyable place full of young happy people ready to celebrate any event that comes up. The cherished people who are full of life play a major role in making your trip to Barcelona the one you will remember for the lifetime. With the happy and cheerful crowd who celebrate each and every moment of their life with delight and amusement, the city is also capable of giving you an experience you could barely have anywhere else in the world. With the amazing and full of life pubs you can enjoy the best pub crawl. The one experience without which the trip will be left incomplete is partying your way through Barcelona’s best clubs offering free drinks beside the incredible experiences.

Bigger and better than any other encounter in Europe will be the night you wildly enjoyed crawling through the lively and energetic clubs enjoying the drinks and then having the fun you never had before in your life. In Barcelona, one can enjoy the pub tour any night of the week and doesn’t have to wait for the weekends to have the interesting and astonishing night hours.

A trip is all about enjoying day and night. Early to bed and early to rise is not the way a tourist has to live. It’s all about you enjoying each and every minute of your trip. So don’t waste your time worrying about sleep. You will have all the nights to yourself to enjoy the deep sleep. But you won’t have the chance of enjoying the incomparable nightlife experience which you will have when in Barcelona.

Bar tour guide

You have tour guides when you visit places. The guides make your trip a lot easier and more achievable as they can take you the best locations of the place. Same is the case with the Barcelona bar tour. You can get the bar tour visiting the famous and the most enjoyable pubs. All you have to do is to have a booking with Barcelona’s best bar crawlers and enjoy a night full of drinks, games and all the fun stuff along the way.

Either you are a solo traveler or traveling with a companion; you don’t want to waste your time in the city as you have a lot and a lot of things to do. To make the most of your trip to the city, make sure to have a beforehand plan and make all the bookings and reservations to have the fun-filled and adventurous tour. The moment you land in the city, you won’t have time for all these hustles and if you get stuck in one then know that you are missing a lot which you could have been doing in that time.

This summer vacation tour is sure to be the best of your lifetime. Just go ahead, pack up, make all the arrangements and shoot for Barcelona to have the best time of your life span. Have the perfect bar tour of most famous pubs in Barcelona and make it the tour you can always enjoy thinking about.