Don’t Waste Those Cardboard Boxes – Turn Them Into Usable Storage Units


Everybody today is so conscious about reusing and recycling boxes, paper and plastic. It is possibly the best thing that a responsible citizen could think of doing. In fact, it should be a voluntary effort that everyone undertakes to contribute to the greening of the planet. So, let’s think of doing something quite innovative with those cardboard boxes – can we turn them into operational storage units? Of course, we can – if we know how to go about the whole process.

storage units

Storing Cardboard Boxes

This is the first step that one takes while reusing cardboard boxes. Let us imagine that you have access to a whole lot of boxes from a friend who has discarded them. It is possible that your friend is a trader and hence gets a lot of these boxes as packing material. The first thing to do before you think of making a storage unit is to ensure that all the boxes are first flattened out, cleaned and kept away. When you have decided to make the unit to store your stuff, you can take the boxes out and fit them together in the best possible way.

Keeping The Storage Unit Clean

Since the storage units that you have put together are not very sturdy – remember they are made of cardboard – you need to ensure that they are always clean and free of moisture. Another problem that you are likely to face with such units is a mildew attack. You might find that the stuff that you have stored in these units get spoilt because the unit has become weak or mouldy. Please be careful when you use cardboard. Since you are trying to recycle a box, you could ensure that the same unit is not used for a great length of time; instead, keep changing the boxes that you use to make your storage unit. 

Stacking Of Units

This is sometimes an art – you need to stack your boxes so perfectly that nobody realizes that your storage units are just recycled material. In case you are not able to stack these boxes one upon another, you could think of using a metal or plastic frame. This is again a very inexpensive option that you could think of either at home or in the office. Also remember that if you are using boxes, the bathroom and kitchen might not be ideal places to house them.

I hope your storage unit becomes the envy of your friends and relatives. You are not only helping yourself and your family; you are helping the environment too. This is because you are using recycled material to its fullest possible advantage. Once you have finished assembling all these boxes, you could also think of painting your storage units or covering them up with some plasticky paper. This would give it a nice finish and make your living space very warm and welcoming.

How Should I Store My Boat?


storage units

Not very many people own a boat. It is one of the luxurious properties around the world. If you own one, you definitely love fun and outdoor activities. You can never get enough of summer holidays. The sad part about boat fun is the seasonal aspect. The beginning of winter is a halt on all the enjoyment and entertainment from summer. When winter strikes, you have to get a suitable place to store your boat and wait for the next summer holidays. Finding an appropriate and trustworthy storage company for your fun companion is not easy. You do not want any excuses of damage or loss of your boat. In such cases, storage units near you are not a priority. You need to be guaranteed of safety. Am sure if you had an option you would keep it in your garage, but a storage unit is the most ideal way to store a boat considering its size. Here are tips on how to ensure your boat is well maintained on storage:

Prepare the engine

Unlike automotive where engines are checked when planning for a trip a boat should be maintained when going for long term storage. Experts advise to change engine oil before taking your boat to storage. Letting your boat sit in a storage facility for months until the next summer can damage its engine if some parts and key components like oil are not checked.

Thorough Clean

It is important to get to every corner of your boat and clean before taking it to storage. Dirt and any form of debris can remove paint or cause rusting. As such, you should clean your boat from the top to the bottom including the deck. The canvas should not be left pinned on the boat. Be sure to remove it before locking it in storage.

Check the cooling system

This is important if your boat has a raw cooling system. In such scenarios, you should use pure water to flush out any form of debris that may have accumulated over time. Besides, you should regularly check the cooling system to ensure extreme conditions in winter do not interfere with its functionality.


This is a standard maintenance practice for any gears and machinery. Ensure every moving part in your boat including hinges on the doors are properly lubricated before storage. Oil/grease not only prevents damage but also preserves the gears. Some of the key components that should not forget are; push-pull swings, wheel bearings, bow rollers, ratchet mounts, and latches.

You will appreciate the time and effort put into maintenance when the summer season is back and you pull out your boat. The shinning paint, softly moving hinges and swings will motivate you to pack and head out for a longer holiday. How you enjoy the summer is fully dependent on maintenance practices during winter. Considering storage units near you will offer you a chance to properly maintain your boat.

HMRC Takes On Limited Company Contractors


LTD Comapany

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is responsible for the collection of taxes in the United Kingdom. For a long time, the regulatory organization has been harsh to contractors with regards to tax. According to the president of the HMRC and a counterpart in the industry, there should be a standard structure of taxing all working citizens in the UK. This is irrespective of whether one is self-employed or in formal employment. A recent move by the organization indicated its intention to crack down on the self-employed, especially, limited company contractors. Although there are no implementations as per now, the changes in NIC and dividends allowance depict their intentions.

Impending Changes

Evidently, contractors do not feel the love from the HMRC. Limited contractors are used to employing strategies that reduce their tax obligations. Typically, limited company contractors receive their payments in bulk through dividends as opposed to ordinary salary. Any contractor will confirm this is the most effective and favorable way to receive their payments to reduce bites of NIC. However, the regulatory organization thinks otherwise. HMRC bosses indicate their dissatisfaction with the process terming it as unfair to other regular employees receiving the same amount of pay as salary. The organization categorically stated its intention to straighten the process, by establishing a universal payment system for all workers.

Move on NIC

Although the HMRC has not directed or implemented any policies officially with regards to equalizing dividends and pay, the recent National increase for contractors is a development towards achieving that goal. Limited company contractors have been slashed allowance on their dividends from £5000 to £2000. Besides, the type 4 national insurance has increased from 9 to 11 percent. The objective of HMRC is clear in this case, to do away with the difference between salaries and dividends as a form of payments in the United Kingdom.

Objective of HMRC

Although there is still a significant difference between regular employees and limited company contractors, it is an indication of more policies to reduce the disparity in the near future. The increase of national insurance and slashing of allowances was only a minor move, which precedes relating policies. In few years to come, there is bound to be a negligible difference between the contractors and standard employees. There is also a possibility of completely equalizing these two groups of people. The aim is to achieve total parity in NIC and tax among all employees.

Shift to Umbrella Companies

The stiffening of policies has resulted to a significant move of contractors from limited companies to umbrella company net. While it is not yet clear if the HMRC is comfortable with the shift, umbrella companies are undeniably increasing in popularity in the United Kingdom. Killing limited companies might be a strategy by the HMRC to propel umbrella companies which the government can be technically one of the players. Nevertheless, HMRC perceives umbrella companies as a tax evasion vehicle.

Food Grade Magnesium Chloride


Magnesium chloride is a dietary source of magnesium that many people with various diet and health problems need to take. Magnesium chloride is the easiest available and simplest to use the supplement of magnesium. It is also advised to people recovering from a heart attack to consume magnesium chloride. Although you will be prescribed the dosage that you will need to follow, here are a few things about the medicinal use of magnesium chloride for sale that you need to know beforehand.

magnesium chloride

Why is Magnesium Needed

All the organs of the body require ions and salts in small amounts. They are called micronutrients. Their necessity in certain metabolic activities is absolute and in their dietary deficiency, metabolic disorders begin to appear. Your heart. Kidneys and skeletal muscles need magnesium for proper repair and proper functioning. Magnesium also helps to regulate and decrease your blood pressure and blood glucose concentration. It also plays a significant role in the acquisition, storage, metabolism and use of other nutrients including calcium, phosphate, potassium and vitamin D. There are sufficient concentrations of magnesium present in food like tofu, leafy greens, nuts and whole grains and if you do not have incorporated these food items properly in your diet then you might have a risk of deficiency and you might need to take magnesium supplements in the form of magnesium chloride.

Effects of Deficiency on Heart

Due to improper diet plans or unhealthy diet choices, magnesium deficiency is quite frequent in America. Apart from this, magnesium deficiency can also be caused by different conditions especially viral or bacterial infections which cause prolonged diarrhea and prevent absorption of magnesium through the gut. In these cases, the heart is especially prone to abnormal activity. Where magnesium is required to maintain a steady heart rate and cardiac rhythm, its deficiency initiates the exact opposite. These heart conditions are potentially fatal and they must be avoided or dealt with immediately.

Dose Determination

Selecting the right dose for you requires a multi-factorial analysis of your physical health or the prognosis of your condition by a doctor. There are different doses set for different conditions. in cases of mild magnesium deficiency, you have prescribed about 500 mg of magnesium chloride per day. Alternately, in severe cases, IV magnesium chloride can also be applied to pump about 4 grams of magnesium in 3 hours. Magnesium chloride is also given intravenously to heart attack patients brought to the hospitals.

Other Conditions

The use of magnesium chloride is not limited to hear related problems. Another thing that you should be aware of is that many medications that people are on react with magnesium. Therefore, magnesium intake is contraindicated in individuals who are using these medications. Such medications include: amphetamines, sodium polystyrene and other medicines used to treat osteoporosis.

Essentials for Car Body Repair


car repair body

Cars are engineering marvels. They are composed of tens of thousands of very small parts which are working in unison to give you something which is much more than a commodity. Despite that complexity, cars have unbelievable reliability. However, frequently things are bound to go wrong. Your car might need to spend some time in the workshop. However, you can fix most of your car related problems by following these simple tips. If your car body is not looking its best and if you have dents and scratches from bumps on your car. Let’s see more important details about a car body repair.

Acquire a Good Quality of Filler

Any kind of car body damage leaves its mark on the form of dents and rubbed off paint. For your body repair to be on point, you need to get better at using filler and making the end results of your body repair unnoticeable.

Use Spray Painting as your method of choice

A compressor is the tool of choice when it comes to body repair of cars. It creates and ejects an even coat of paint. Once you have determined the paint that your car will need, and once you have matched the color, it is extremely necessary for you to apply the paint seamlessly. The best way to do that is to apply several coats days apart to really give your car the factory-fresh look.

Sand the Body Thoroughly

Use a sanding machine or if you do not have that, then use your hands and a sandpaper to sand the car. This has many purposes and a lot of advantages. It removes any grooves in the body, it removes any layers of the previous coat of paint on the body and it smooths everything out so that you can get the perfect shine and smoothness from your car once you have applied your new coat of paint.

Use Glaze to Finish

It serves two major purposes. First, a finishing glaze can smooth out any minor flaws that remain in your paint job e.g. if the paint is applied unevenly. There is a self-leveling variety of finishing glaze that works well for this purpose. Alternately, it is an essential step before applying the final coat of paint if you are working on a large car renovation project, rather than just the repair of a damaged body part.

Use the Right Tools

There is a performance toolset which comprises of all the tools required in bodywork. If you want to do the repair job without ignoring or forgoing any meticulous details of the job. It includes various shapes of hammers to hammer out bumps in metallic sheets. The right toolkit will be to your advantage. You will be able to fix body damage fast and with minimal hassle.

More info about the car body repair job can be found by accessing this website.

Easy to Start Small Businesses


Small Businss

There are many businesses you can easily start. These small business ideas will be very valuable to you even for the people who are employed in different companies and want some extra money. Some of these business ideas should be things that you are good at and love to do. So when starting a small business, it is a best practice to select something that you will enjoy.


A photographer is a person who captures the memories of a certain event. When being a photographer you will be working on a freelance basis and will be hired for specific jobs. There are different types of photography that you will be hired for such as wildlife, sports, landscape, real estate, weddings, graduation and advertising. There will be some jobs where you will get paid for presenting pictures that you took, for instance, an accident that you photographed can be bought by a newspaper.

A photographer can be a part-time employee who will be working on weekends or cover night functions or if you wish you can be a full-time photographer. For you to be a part-time photographer all you need is a creative eye and a good camera preferably a DSLR. But if you want to be a full-time photographer you might have to set up a studio apart from the other thing.


A musician is a person who has a passion to play a musical instrument. Being a musician you will have the freedom to perform as a solo artist, in a band or in orchestras either in front of a live ordinance or in a recording studio.

Becoming a musician is an easy task given that you are talented in playing musical instruments and have the rhythm in your body. This is a job that you can do as a young or as an older person.

If your knowledge about music is high you can always go and teach music to those who are willing to learn.

Car Detailer

If you are a person who is interested working with cars being a car detailer is a good option. You can start off by working in an auto dealership, car wash or detailing shop where you can gain experience before opening your own shop.

The main responsibilities of a car detailer are to make the cars neat and clean both inside and outside. He has to have a sound knowledge about the equipment that needs to be used and the products that are used in cleaning cars.

You can be a self-employed car detailer. This is by cleaning out cars of your neighbors and family. This type of job is most suitable for younger people who are in between jobs or needs some extra money.

Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is an individual that has knowledge of how to train people. This job entitles you to motivate the client and give precise exercise instructions. This is a job for all those fitness enthusiasts.  You can even study part-time to get all the qualifications that you should have in order to become a reputed and a qualified personal trainer. The time you spend on becoming a personal trainer can deliver rewarding results in the long run.

Things To Consider When Locating A Self-Storage Units


The most critical decision to make before locating a self-storage unit is to know the factors to consider when selecting a storage unit.

The following are things to consider before locating a self-storage unit.

Consider the environment in that place

Always look the environment of the place you want to locate your storage unit such as storage units Greenville to ensure that is favorable and friendly. Choose a place that has a warm climate or a place that is interior in order to ensure your items are secure and protected from all elements of risk. Ensure that place there is no any chance of any potential fire hazard in order to be guaranteed your items won`t be destroyed by fire.

Self Storage

Consider the location

Considering the location, you will be able to choose a storage unit of your choice taking in consideration whether you want to be close to your storage facility or far away from your storage facility. When you want to be close to your facility you will be required to look on the proximity of your unit. Being close to your storage unit will give an advantage of being convenient to your personal belongings.

 Size of the location

In case you want to rent, consider the size of the potential storage unit and the duration time that you will be given. This will give you a chance of choosing a storage unit that you can be able to manage. Mostly, the size of a storage unit or a storage units Greenville will determine the period of time you will be given to rent a storage facility. Consider your personal belongings of your items you want to store beforehand in order to determine the amount of space you will require to store them.

When checking on the amount of size, look and research on the rates and option that the potential self-storage facility offers in order to find good deals that give you a convenient chance to pay for the facility that is affordable to you.

Consider if the place offers insurance

Some self-storage unit do offer insurance to those people who want to rent the facility or to tenants. This insurance will grant you with the opportunity to invest more if you are not paying for any insurance in the home. Always make sure if the storage units’ facility has insurance you are covered and in case of any insurance you may be having such as in-home ensure you are always covered by your company.


Choosing a favorite place that has good factors of locating a storage facility will make you increase the overall margin profit. This will also enable you to purchase products or items that are of low value and of high quality. Choosing a place that is close to your home will make you manage your home in a good lifestyle thus making both the working place and home smart.

Some Of The Industries Which Drive Brooklyn




One of the most populated boroughs of the New York City is the Brooklyn. The climate of this region is usually the subtropical type of climate and it has been shown to develop economically because of some of the developments within and also due to bordering the New York City. The economy of Brooklyn has depended on the manufacturing industries for a very long time but nowadays it has been shown to show diversification whereby there are emerging good service industries. There are also industries that are concerned with the issue of food production while others are involved in other types of manufacturing. These have led to the growth of business in this borough and hence there has been an increase in the number of retailers. These have been facilitated more by the presence of storage units Brooklyn. They are able to store their goods at a small fee and this gives them a lot of advantages in that they are able to save on the cost of storage and also they get the proper protection and security of their goods and items. Also, other bigger organizations utilize these units before they sell they distribute their goods to the market.

Major factors driving Brooklyn

The economy of Brooklyn has been growing tremendously partly because of the activities within the borough and partly due to the influence of New York. The following are some of the driving forces to its economy:

Financial services

This is one of the lucrative businesses in this region. It has been shown to contribute a lot to the growth of the economy in this region. It has been shown to contribute a lot of revenue to the growth of this borough. Furthermore, people who work in the industry earn more income than the ones in the other industries. Financial workers have been shown to form a very big number of workers in the region.

Health care industry

There are many people who have been offered employment by this sector. According to statistics, the health industry is almost the leading number 1 employer in the region. People or organizations which have invested in this sector have been shown to make a significant amount of profit from their services. Therefore, the health sector cannot be underestimated as far as the growth of Brooklyn is concerned.

The technical industries

It has been shown that there are many people in the region who offer various technical services. These might be accountants, lawyers, and other people. These professionals are very important in that they contribute a lot to fueling the growth of other industries. They help to facilitate the other workers in various businesses to work efficiently. This group of people has been shown to have achieved the highest growth compared to the others.

Growth in retail trade

There is a high growth in retail trade which has been facilitated by the storage units, Brooklyn. It has been shown to contribute a lot to the growth of the economy in this region.


There has been rapid growth in the economy of Brooklyn which can be attributed to some of the factors above.